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483. Moment of Truth

In the eighties, the phrase Moment of Truth became popular when someone turned around a losing airline company in North Europe. When he wrote a book on it, he gave the book this title. Truth is powerful. In anyone's life, a Moment arrives where his own innate goodness surfaces and offers all the circumstances he needs to flower into a full-blown Personality. Generally, in the professions, particularly in the legal profession, there is a belief that the profession does not let anyone down fully. In any lawyer's career, there comes a period of some consecutive years which gives him all the income he can earn. That is the Truth of the profession which brings the right Moment to every member some time or other.

The International Commission on Peace and Food created a project entitled Prosperity 2000, a scheme to generate 100 million jobs in ten years. Its strategy was simple. It was to raise the level of consumption of food, cloth, sugar, etc. to the average level of the world. It was submitted to the government when P.V. Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister and Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister. The project was accepted by the government and a machinery was created. Rs. 100 crores was allotted to implement the scheme in the budget of that year. That was twelve years ago. It could go no further. Now that Congress is in power again and the then Finance Minister has become the Prime Minister, can we say such a Moment has arrived, especially when Congress has espoused Guaranteed Employment?

Not only in the legal profession, but in anyone's life such a moment is brought to them by life at least once. Those who invoke the Spirit have witnessed that such moments often occur in their lives. When the lucky circumstances overwhelm them, they exclaim, "Well, in all these cases, there must be an element of luck." There are others on whose behalf, for a variety of reasons, others invoke the Spirit. They are pleasantly surprised all the time, not knowing what is happening. The Truth is powerful, and a Moment of Truth is all-powerful.  To adhere to Truth, one needs to be a hero, who converts all his life into an adventure of consciousness.

story | by Dr. Radut