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490. Missed Opportunities

Missed opportunities are missed forever. Moopanar was not one meant to be a Prime Minister. It came his way and was lost. It was lost forever. Wherever the Spirit operates the invariable rule is, if the small is missed, the great awaits him. Nehru would not give Indira a position in the Cabinet. She was never an MP. After Nehru, she was offered the Prime Ministership. She was one of the two Prime Ministers who ruled for a long time, the other being her father. The British Cabinet was bitterly sour over Churchill and denied him a post in the Cabinet for over ten years. The public offered him the Prime Ministership for two terms. Those who invoke the Spirit can consistently see that if one opportunity is missed, a greater one knocks at his door. The local Land Mortgage Bank was grudging a devotee a loan of Rs. 25,000 and indulged in dilatory tactics. The Indian Bank offered him 1 ½ lakhs of loan.

There is a spiritual principle behind this phenomenon. The small opportunity is in the plane of life. Man knows only that. He seeks it with vigour and intensity. It may be a promotion or transfer or one increment. When the Spirit is behind him, it is incapable of the small. All its opportunities are great. When the small is denied by life, the Spirit grants him the big, the great. It is not in human nature NOT to seek the small, especially if it is his due. The Spirit gives him an equality NOT to take initiative to secure the small, even when it is his own right. When he does so - refuses the small - the great at once presents itself to him. The human plane of life is full of limited entities. The Spiritual plane is one of endless possibilities and knows nothing that is small.

To those who have become devotees of The Mother or who have ardently taken to invoking the Spirit, one of the disciplines is NOT to take initiative to secure what is due to them. When the human desists from human initiative, the Divine takes its INITIATIVE. How big the next opportunity is and how soon it will arrive depends on other aspects of his personality. In most cases, it happened at once; in some cases in a week or a month. In rare cases, it was put off for years. But when it does come, we see the principle in action that the longer it has been delayed, the greater it is. There is no loss in the spiritual life. Sri Aurobindo says the world forces have always fulfilled his ideas, however delayed they were. It is His will that acts through us and therefore, it fulfils invariably.

story | by Dr. Radut