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Matter is greater than Spirit



  • Sat is in Timelessness.
  • Sat creates Matter in Time, the potentials that are there in Timelessness.
  • Spirit that is in Timelessness is greater than Matter in Time.
  • Sat has a third poise of simultaneity.
  • When life and mind and Supermind evolve out of Matter, Matter in Time moves to Matter in simultaneous integrality of Time and Timelessness.
  • Matter in simultaneity is greater than Spirit in Timelessness.
  • The ordinary man is a householder.
  • The saint in Timelessness is superior to the householder in Time.
  • The householder evolving in consciousness moving to simultaneous integrality of Time is superior to the saint in Timelessness.
  • The citizen lives the social, national life which subjects him to all the trials and tribulations of life.
  • The idealist leader of the nation is moved away from the stress of life and is alien to its problems.
  • The householder can raise himself to become a practising idealist in his home amidst the problems of life.
  • Buried in the midst of these insufferable sufferings, he keeps his head above water unaffected by the problems of life, rather victorious over them while he is in the thick of it.
  • This householder is better than the idealist who is aloof from life.
  • Sat is first in Timelessness.
  • In creation it moves to Time and ends in Matter by involution.
  • In evolution that starts from Mind, going down to Matter, Time changes, Matter evolves, and involution changes into evolution.
  • Matter in Time is gross.
  • It moves to simultaneity scoring a victory over Spirit in Timelessness.
  • The lower a plane is, the greater it becomes by transformation.
  • Thus Matter, the lowest, the densest member of creation steals a march over Spirit which was earlier the crown.

story | by Dr. Radut