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Matter is figured self-representation



  • Cosmos is the figured Self-representation of the Absolute to its own Consciousness.
  • Man's life is the socially figured self-representation of his own Self to his own Consciousness.
  • As universe is to Him, his own life is to Man, a self-creation.
  • Matter, Mind and Life are Brahman in this way.
  • The last paragraph on page 239 in The Life Divine defines Matter as such.
  • Knowing that Matter is Sachchidananda presented to God's mental perception will enable us to know that our life is our own creation.
  • Further greater clarity awaits us when we repeat this comprehension in the matter of life, mind, Supermind and Spirit.
  • To know from the first principles Spirit, Supermind, Mind, Life and Matter, as He has described them goes a long way towards understanding The Life Divine. Logically, one can extend this process to the aspects of Spirit and further to all the fundamental spiritual determinants. Beyond that, there can be no knowledge.
  • As Matter is an extension of Being, the child is the extension of Man. Construction of a parallel helps. What is true of the child is true of his own life, act, thought, feeling, and so on.
  • This exercise will clarify the truth that man's life is his own creation.
  • It enables him to see that he can determine his future.
  • The chapter in Synthesis, on The Principles of Self-Perfection, explains the yogic basis of this principle.
  • A full understanding of Matter, Life, Mind, Spirit, and so on leading man to see that each movement of his is a willed action of his own, which really originates in Shakthi and ultimately in The Absolute is knowledge of the Absolute.

story | by Dr. Radut