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421. Man is Greater than Money

The wonderful civilisation we now live in is the creation of Man. There is nothing in this world of ours that is not created by MAN. Man is the creator of his world. The society we live in and its rules are the creation of Man. Men fall into two broad categories. All are Men but there are great souls and small minds. Whatever is created in this world of human affairs is created by the great souls. The small minds make them a goal and become slaves of their own creation. MONEY tops the list. Man has created money but we see everywhere MAN is a slave of money. It is easy to understand that Man is greater than Money, but not so easy to practise it. We find two opposite expressions of this rule. 1. All men who worship money are rich, 2. All men who make MONEY their prime value are debt ridden, poor and pathetic. Let us try to seek the truth of this.

Money represents work. Work is done by man. It is man who CONCEIVES of work. All work in this wide world is of man's conception. Philosophically the universe is created by the Self-conception of God. If there is no work, there will be no money. WORK IS GREATER THAN MONEY. MAN IS GREATER THAN WORK. Man is primary, work is secondary. Money represents work and is of no consequence. This is not a rule only about money. It applies to every other thing. Knowledge is greater than a degree. Character is of greater value than dress. In fact, men of character are greater than the posts they occupy. Great men raise the value of the posts they adorn. Small men raise themselves by occupying the post. As soon as they leave the post, they shrink to their original size of smallness. Still, the mind values Money.

Think of a dozen families you know. Most will cherish money and evaluate any act in terms of their money value. Generally they will be poor. If they are very rich, they will be men of small minds of low consciousness. Suppose some of them are oblivious of MONEY, you will certainly find them never short of funds unless they are casual, unorganised and indifferent. To become a slave of his own creation is a human trait. It belongs to the smallness of human affairs.


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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut