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Report No.: Y24

July 5, 1978

  • Physical residue of a biologically necessary pleasure of procreation. The next physical relief which is less than satisfaction is lust. By extension it can be seen in eating a mountain of food for the pure weight of it in the stomach. Its extension to mind is the repetitive confused loud talk that conveys almost nothing.
  • Its chief support is inertia, sleep, dirt, dust, darkness, coarse rotten food, spicy food, loudness, lowness, medicine, sickness, sleep during the day especially after sunrise, dark colours, hot atmosphere, stench, uncleanliness, physical touch.
  • We shall not take up its artificial or perverse forms that are not in nature.
  • Lust is activated in one by impulses of fear or hostility either in himself or directed towards him.
  • Lust is found in strong measure in a predominantly physical character. He may not be capable of intellectuality or finer aesthetic emotion. In a character governed by lust mind refuses to rise to levels of intelligence, heart to finer sensibilities. Lust is not even fine enough to be activated by thought. It is not generally activated. It overpowers the man.
  • Clumsy thought, sloppy emotion, strong irrational interest, passion and lust belong to the same stage of existence.
  • Lust expresses in eating like an animal, speaking like a microphone.
  • Lust is lower than possessiveness. It rises to the surface, overpowers, expresses and dies. Not evolved enough to aspire for possessiveness.
  • For them life is measured by quantity and not by its quality.
  • If lust is denied expression, the man will break down or collapse, can't have the patience to disintegrate or energy to react.
  • One trait of lust is utter inability to be grateful. He is less than one who can be cynical. He will be oblivious of any obligation.
  • Can offer servitude but is never capable of loyalty or even submission.
  • His mental horizon will extend upto eyeshot and earshot.
  • Initial mental or spiritual effort, when they release energies, lust among other things, may move prominently, but later the moved portion will be dissolved.
  • Coarseness of thought, crudeness of behaviour, clumsy functioning, loudness in speech, if avoided totally, LUST loses its basis of existence at all levels.
  • Ability will be limited to learning minimum utility, not acquiring the overall knowledge (Mumti).
  • He may be eating mostly one course in a huge amount.
  • Physical build will be generally heavy set.
  • Faculties will be elementary, functioning primary, living minimal.
  • Conversation will express only key words, not full ideas.
  • His thinking will be mostly about himself, his interests, i.e. selfish; but in a typical case it will be impersonal oblivion. Can't activate to think even personal joys.
  • Will never be aware of transgression till he is physically checkmated. Will stop if prevented but won't bring himself to a sense of shame that restraints.
  • Even when a sliding down the social scale, would rather slide unhindered than endeavour to stop sliding.
  • Will worship elementary gods; or better still will not nerve himself to any form of worship. Unless he himself does something, it is not possible for him to have something done for him.
  • Will be an unquestioning slave of his object of pleasure as long as it is available. Even here the moment the object loses its utility, he will forget it. He would not remember the earlier relationship at all.
  • Suppose he was airing an ideal for decades and a practical situation arises where giving up the ideal serves his lust, he would do so without the least compunction. He would feel he is right in doing so. That which serves his lust is the right.
  • Won't even nerve himself to fantasy or exciting himself with yellow writings. Will just BE lust when the occasion permits.

story | by Dr. Radut