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Links Between the High and the Low



  • Spiritual evolution takes place by mind awakening to the Spirit and rising to the Supermind, filling all the members of the being in all the three planes. It is a smooth process that takes place gradually.
  • The smooth and gradual process can abruptly take a sudden quick turn. That happens when links form themselves or are forged consciously.
  • The Indian forte is the analogy.
  • Analogies are possible because the structure of life and Spirit are the same.
  • The spiritual capacity of the mind that landed on the analogies has degenerated into story-telling in the wider population.
  • An analogy links the abstract to the concrete.
  • Everyone understands life around, his own life.
  • The structure of that life and the structure of cosmic life are the same.
  • To cast the essential truths of the existence above into the mould of the living truths of the life around is the duty of an analogy.
  • The power of the Supreme is so high that one ray of it can pervade millions of universes.
  • To get that one ray to pervade our life and saturate it is possible if three things are there.

- Perfect understanding of the power above.

- One perfect Link between the high and low.

- Perfect working down below.

  • The comprehension of the Powers above - Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power, Love - or one of them or one aspect of one them fulfills the first condition. A token act that is perfect meets the third requirement. There are about a dozen prominent links of which we can choose one.
  • The links are not a dozen. In an absolute sense, anything is a link. That which rises to the next plane as thought in the vital is a link. Analogy links the act and the spirit through the comprehension of the mind and seeps down through the emotion of life experience. Experience is the essential knowledge of the physical act that is movement.

story | by Dr. Radut