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9. Prayer


People are of different types and many levels. Mother exists at all levels of creation and expresses herself in all types. Prayer means the human soul turning to the Divine soul seeking a relationship. Such a turning is called aspiration. When the individual soul seeks an eternal relationship with the Divine soul, the Mother of souls plays an intermediary role to make that relationship initially possible and consummates it in all its possibilities. This call from below and the answer from above find expression in the field of life and lose their character of call and answer. According to the given context it is a moved emotion, a great expansiveness, a trance like meditation, etc. At a more mundane level, it is a prayer for an ice cream or a sanction of success in a national election. Whatever the prayer and whatever the appearance of the sanction, it is the child soul turning towards the transcendent reality seeking a merger. Several of these can be explained.

  1. Children ask for their merest desire. Mother grants it. The result is they take to Mother.
  2. Adults ask for what is right. Mother grants it so that they will progress according to their own light. Some even insist on what is wrong. Mother often grants it in the hope he will soon realise.
  3. Man does not know what to ask for. He prays for guidance and protection. She gives.
  4. Man knows his desires but prefers to accept Mother's guidance, resulting in Man conquering his desires and taking to consecration.
  5. Man takes to consecration in all details of his life and progresses in surrender.
  6. Man prays for the small thing he knows and cherishes. Mother refuses to grant it and grants something greater.
  7. Man sees his prayer granted in every small thing but does not work to remove his central defect. She waits for him to become aware of his central defect.
  8. Man's prayer for anyone else is readily granted but not so readily for himself. It means he persists in utterly foolish ways of life.
  9. Man does not even pray; nor does he know he deserves anything. She gives. Many accept and prosper; some refuse and make Mother wait for their readiness in future.
  10. Sometimes he prays; sometimes he forgets to pray. She takes very good care of all his affairs. His soul receives. He is a pure devotee, though not fully conscious.
  11. There are many pure souls on earth. They have not known of Mother's existence at all. She knows all of them and all the needs of their souls and answers the calls they have not made.
  12. There are child-like souls who work hard, who are selfless, cheerful, pure, expansive, not even thinking of God or Mother. Simply they are spontaneous, fresh and are at their best at all times. She constantly keeps in touch with them.

book | by Dr. Radut