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6. Life

People have understood that a rosy path leads to a nasty place in life. If one should succeed in life, he has to face trials and tribulations. Life is a field of struggle. Accomplishments in life are awarded to those who seek adventure. Naturally, a life of adventure is a life of struggle. This is the character of life the world knows.

 Mother gives another dimension to life. Struggle ensues when the effort is aimed at a possibility of two types -- success or failure. Effort, when it moves towards a possibility of two types of success, is no longer a struggle but is enjoyable. Ordinarily Mother removes the possibility of failure from life and offers the alternatives of two types of success. She does not remove effort, but the struggle part of the effort is removed. This is true on a great majority of occasions. She does not eliminate failure altogether. She keeps the possibility of failure for the rare few whose destiny is for a far greater success than they are seeking for. Mother's award of failure is the passport to greater success. Human life is full of falsehood. It is the presence of falsehood that necessitates the struggle and keeps the possibility of failure around the corner. There is no scope for falsehood when one is working in Mother's consciousness. Therefore the struggle part is eliminated and the possibility of failure does not exist.

 Mother summarises her yoga in terms of life. She says, to know God it is enough to come out of ordinary mind. The ordinary mind presides over life and pervades it. Living inside the ordinary mind, man faces struggle, the prospect of failure, and their entire brood of expectation, irritation, frustration, disappointment, pain, etc. Coming out of the ordinary mind, one would expect that he would come out of all these constrictions; but Mother says, coming out of it one knows God. It is a summary way of saying that God waits for man to turn to him, while all the time man is inextricably involved in his own ordinary mind through habits that are ingrained. The poet says the world is too much with us.

One's karma, if not repeated, is abolished, says Mother. This is contrary to our tradition.

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