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5. Wealth

Sri Aurobindo said that three things were essential for Truth to reign on earth. They were governmental power, wealth and health. Regarding health, he said everything is known about it. Regarding the government, unless ‘we' are the government, it is not possible to influence a government for our purpose. He said he did not understand how wealth could be secured for that. Mother took up the idea and meditated on it. She reached another world where the treasure of the earth was stored. Mother headed toward the central place where the treasure was kept, but at the entrance she found a black python on guard. She tried to walk past the guard, but it stopped her. Ordinarily, beings of any world obeyed Mother, but this was different from the usual. The python told Mother that he would be killed if she were allowed inside. Mother asked who could pass that entrance and what condition they should fulfil. The python answered that when the sex vibration had disappeared from the earth, the treasure would be given to earth.

In reply to an Aurovillian, Mother said to succeed in life one needs cleverness and to succeed in yoga one needs sincerity.

Money must be moving, must constantly be put to productive use, should never stagnate according to Mother. The more swiftly money moves, the greater is its inflow. About misers, Mother says they live near their wealth after their death.

Contrary to spiritual tradition, Sri Aurobindo says that money should not be neglected. At its origin money belongs to the Divine. If spiritual people shun money, the hostile forces would acquire it. Presently money is in the hands of the asuras. It must be won back for the Divine.

book | by Dr. Radut