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18. Some Related Information


Mother says the life of a man remains in the body after death for seven days. Life exists at several levels. When the heart stops, pulse stops, the body becomes cold, we declare a person dead. But deeper layers of life linger even after the body begins to decompose and finally leave the body only after seven days. In more developed cases of the soul, the period may be longer than seven days. The Indian habit is to cremate the dead body. Mother says when the body is burnt, the lingering life reacts and twists and turns the body sometimes. Burial is the best method according to Mother. It leaves the lingering life peaceful.

Mother accepts the service done to her devotees as service done to Her directly. Several traders, workers, doctors and other professionals offer paid service to Mother's devotees as part of their regular work. Often they may not be even aware that the people whom they work for are devotees of Mother. Invariably every one of them prospers, as if they have done service directly to Mother out of dedication. The remuneration they draw in return for their service becomes, by an inverse logic of life, Mother's Prasad to them. Likewise, there is a long list of people whose experiences illustrate this phenomenon. A money lender who lent a devotee a small sum got a troublesome partner removed from his firm; an agriculture labour supervisor who worked in one of Mother's farms discovered water in his field well, which had been given up years ago as waterless; a school headmaster who offered a unique help to a devotee was promoted in his own religious hierarchy to an unprecedented height; a field labourer on Mother's property became a community leader; a rickshaw man who was serving devotees received a permanent income five-fold higher for a fourth of his usual labour. To whomsoever the service is offered, Mother receives it from behind. When it is offered to Her devotees, She receives it as if it is directly offered to Her.

After coming to Mother, man finds his capacities increase and life offers rewards to the increased new capacities. As a result, average people rise to heights, incapable useless people become successful, even great, and labour leaders rise to political eminence.

It requires a great punya of past births to be part of Mother's work, even if the individual is otherwise endowed. It is not endowment of personality that entitles a man to Mother's service. It is only his poorva janma punya. Even if one is a dummy and good for nothing, such punya can bring him to Mother, Her work and Her service.

People who seek spiritual progress should still make an offering of a fruit or a leaf or a cup of water. It is an imperative in the scheme of spiritual fulfilment in human life. Only that material offering completes the last link between the eternal source of endless progress and the aspiring soul. Those in life whose prime requisite is not spiritual progress but material welfare must make a material offering. A Saivite brahmachari of over 70 years came to have Mother's Darshan and on hearing the above explanation pronounced, "I seek only Mother's Blessings. I am not in favour of material offering."  His Darshan had several beneficial expressions in his life. His health grew in vigour. His face began to shine as never before. He began to adore Mother with sincere emotion. He was appointed as an approved water diviner by the state government. He, who had been used to 10 to 15 calls a year, now was called all the time and answered three or four calls on a single day. He said that in one year he did as much work as he had in the previous 30 years. But, he received only as much income as he had earlier or a little more. He was sore about it. He was pondering on that paradoxical situation of a mountain of work accompanied by no enhanced income. When he almost spoke aloud his situation, one who had been present at his earlier pronouncement, "No material offering", reminded him of his earlier stand. He quickly reversed his stand and sent an offering to Mother. All the money due to him came as if obeying invisible orders. He left for his native place, bought a piece of land and a house, dug a well, and settled down in retirement. Material offering is in place for those seeking material prosperity.

 In my 29 years of experience, I have heard of several instances of Mother relieving the distress of her devotees. I have myself witnessed many of them. I have myself been instrumental in bringing devotees to Mother. In the next chapter, I would like to give a summary of all I know of under the title ‘What happens to you when you come to Mother?'

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