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14. Nature, Climate, Weather


Mother says the weather is under the control of some little entities. They all obey her. When children in the Ashram school pray for no rain during the games, these entities answer positively. It is a constant experience of our school children.

Indira Gandhi was in North India, touring parts that were affected by drought. A devotee was there in those parts by chance. He met the Prime Minister and told her that a prayer to Mother would bring rain. She instructed a telegram to be sent to Mother by the devotee. Rain came in copious measure in response to the prayer.

Pondicherry and its environs have never suffered the negative effects of drought. From a certain village, a group of workers were coming to an ashram factory. They complained of water scarcity in their village. The news reached Mother. Mother asked the villagers to pray. Rain descended in torrents and would not stop. Too much rain now caused a problem. News again went to Mother. She smiled and the rain stopped.

Mother easily tunes herself to nature and nature responds to her readily. It is the experience of several devotees that, in answer to their prayer, several times a cyclone that was predicted to hit in the next few hours moved away. Even in cyclone-devastated areas, devotees have reported that their properties, even an advertisement board, have been left intact though surrounded by several damaged buildings.

Robert was someone who brought rain wherever he went. Even in a desert he visited, there were unprecedented rains creating a flood. Robert was fond of Sri Aurobindo's Gayatri mantra and started chanting it. The temperature reached peak levels as in dog days. It was Robert who constantly complained about the heat. When he suspected a relation between his chanting and the rising heat, he suspended the chanting. The heat came down. But the Gayatri he was chanting would not stop. It started repeating itself inside him without his initiative. The heat rose. With great effort Robert succeeded in stopping the Gayatri and maintained that control till summer passed away.

book | by Dr. Radut