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12. India


Mother said India would become the Guru of the world. India is the country where spirituality is developed to its heights. She must lead the world and the world must come to accept the leadership and guruhood of India.

At least 30 years before Indian Freedom, Mother told Sri Aurobindo that She saw India free in the subtle world. In 1930, when the Congress leadership was packed with giants of the pre-Independence generation, a group photo of Congress leaders was shown to Mother. She spotted out a youngster who was lost in a corner and asked who it was. It was Jawaharlal Nehru. When Mother said he would be the future leader of India, nobody could believe her.

Mother was sorry that the British had stayed in India too long. She said that wherever India had inherited Western culture, she had become rotten. Even now 70% of India remains unpolluted by westernisation. Mother says spirituality is in the very atmosphere of India. An Indian farmer, according to Mother, is closer to the Divine than the European intellectual.

It was Mother's long-standing wish to become an Indian citizen. The Government of India granted Her Indian citizenship without Her relinquishing her French citizenship. Thus, she enjoyed dual citizenship.

Sri Aurobindo believed that India must remain united to lead the world. In 1947, he even prophesied that within ten years India and Pakistan would unite.

Almost all Chief Ministers, Governors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and all the Prime Ministers have come to Mother seeking Her blessings.

book | by Dr. Radut