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Levels of Consciousness



  • All present human achievements are those of the Mind. It is an effort from below.
  • Mother says when He was here, the adverse forces were under control, nothing emerged on the surface and She was able to work. When you are a devotee working in Her atmosphere, you are in the very best conditions of work.
  • Man praying to Mother or getting material benefits from Her by virtue of being in Her atmosphere gets them by the Force of the Supramental Plane. We get the results, but do not see the Force as we are unconscious, as we use the products in the market.
  • Receptivity to the Force in various planes reveals according to the character of the plane. It can be conscious or unconscious receptivity. Darcy consciously received Elizabeth by active inner transformation while Elizabeth did not consciously transform herself beyond mentally recognising the truth of Darcy's abominable proposal. Jane, Lydia and the family were the unconscious beneficiaries of the work done by Darcy.



Unconscious receptivity

Conscious, grateful receptivity



Gratitude, cool sensation of the psychic


Solution of problems, relief, cheerfulness, prosperity

Knowledge of solving problems, intense vital gratitude, joy in remembrance.


Silence, peace of mind, removal of mental confusion

New answers to old questions, knowledge of process, psychic influence.


Awakening in work, greater skill, quicker results, life cooperating to complete our work

Evolution in existence. Emergence of creative thought, form, force, consciousness in work.


  • The emergence of patience, calm, abridgement of Time and space and greater results are indicative of the Spirit. One is touched by the spiritual plane.
  • The release of greater physical energy, vital energy and mental energy shows that we are in that respective plane during that time.
  • Chillness and a soft velvety feeling takes us to the Supramental plane.
  • A prayer is granted. One gets a licence.

- The result is in the physical plane.

- The work giving newer, higher, positive social contacts takes one to the vital plane.

- The work giving a new idea of technology or how to accomplish it in a new way - the knowledge of it - takes one to the mental plane.

- Doing that, yielding patience, calm or Silence belongs to the spiritual plane.

- Birth of a joy not felt so far, an idea that is new to the field, a strategy the world has not known and an increase in the quantity of results the physical plane has not known, brings us to the Supramental plane.

  • To know where we are in a work and to try to improve upon it is a yogic effort.
  • From result one can go to the process. It is a progress from the vital to the mental.
  • Understanding that process silently takes us to the Higher Mind. Doing so by vision and intuition can take us to the Illumined Mind and the Intuitive Mind.
  • Moving from the Process to the Essence will land us in the Supramental plane.
  • In any act of a devotee, all planes are implied or involved.
  • Any devotee has the chance of opening to the Mother or the Supramental Plane all the time.
  • Human choice determines.
  • Man can see himself truly, or see his true inner position if he takes care to know how his choice is made.
  • The moment of choice is the human moment.
  • It becomes the Hour of God if Man chooses the Psychic.

story | by Dr. Radut