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Joy and Depression

      For anyone at any time, life is a mixture of various vibrations. Each person has his own store of memories which triggers vibrations of joy or depression. A happy outer event that makes a person very happy does so in spite of his own store of depression. There is a mechanism here. The outer event is an occasion for the person to turn his interest, or vital will, powerfully towards it and to relate himself totally to it. Since the outer event is a happy one, this powerful relationship between the person and the event fill the person with joy. The infectious enthusiasm for joy of the event charges the person with the same vibration.  His capacity for depression for the time being has been relegated to the background.

   In short, when a person powerfully turns his will towards a centre of consciousness and identifies with it, he becomes that. It does not matter what other legacies he has. Some people are more often happy and some people more often depressed. A person who is often depressed relegates his capacity for joy to the background by powerfully relating to interactions of depression.  The choice lies in the will and accordingly, life responds.

   As an experiment, if we are determined to constantly think of, speak about and relate only to joyous, happy events of success, we will see that our life will tend to be joyous. The key lies in the decision of the will.  A devotee who relates to the Divine in thought, feeling, action and active consciousness will always be of the Divine and charged with His consciousness.

   By analysing the events of our life and their character, we can easily understand with what centers of life we have chosen to relate. Man is what he chooses to be, what he loves to be.

story | by Dr. Radut