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Note on Jim Collins Formula


April 8, 2006

  • If you do the work quickly time gets abridged. Quickness can be out of hurry and inefficiency or it can be because of efficiency. When you become efficient, time and space are abridged, level of energy rises, organizational energy rises in quality and complexity.
  • The successiveness, because of great speed, appears as instantaneousness. Theoretically, when it reaches its peak, it becomes timeless.
  • You know the difference between parts and the whole. In between is the sum of the parts, which contains all the parts but is not the whole. The whole belongs to another dimension which must be incident on this dimension.
  • In USA during WW II, 3 month ship repair job was reduced to 10 hours. By such efficiency, you can only build a ship.
  • Efficiency can save time, appear to move toward timelessness, but it can never take you to simultaneous time.
  • Theme of the paper is how to create that unit - a unit in simultaneous time - not a unit of time or timelessness.
  • McKinsey, Peters, Drucker can never become consultants, but Collins has the potential to do so.
  • No other British PM could have become a Churchill and saved Britain and the world. No US president who followed FDR could be an FDR. They belong to a different category.
  • The UNIT is like the role of Ashram or Auroville viz a viz society
  • The UNIT is like a token act, but the emphasis in token act is on result.
  • The UNIT is for the purposes of understanding the whole.

story | by Dr. Radut