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  Report No.: Y21

June 2, 1974

Jealousy is nothing wrong or to be despised. It is an active way of emotional living. The living of it falls into some categories:

  1. One can enjoy the intensity that jealousy makes possible and jealousy personifies. This is one of the shortcuts to outlive this vibration. At the end of the cycle a sudden change overtakes the person.
  2. For reasons of social appearance it can be suppressed and one can live with it at higher levels of life, i.e. in psychological attitudes, day dreams one lets grow jealousy. This at a later time sprouts with a vengeance, but after a short spell of violent life, dies out.
  3. One can keep it away knowing it is not a very laudable thing. This way it runs a parallel race with one's life but takes a shorter duration to die than when lived.
  4. By a swift penetrating intelligence (supported by an indomitable will, if possible) it can be scrutinized threadbare and its expression in life observed with objectivity. It melts like a block of ice to vanish away. The block seems formidable, but it does melt under the heat of the sun.
  5. By a deeply felt prayer, as deep as jealousy is experienced, it can be constantly offered to Mother as and when it rears its head. Like a nightmare when the man awakes, it disappears.

As far as you are concerned, it is enough for me that you do not consciously indulge in it. Such abstinence provides for all the progress desired.

story | by Dr. Radut