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460. The Invisible Resources

The visible resources of coal , oil etc are shrinking.  The invisible resources are infinite.  Agriculture, industry, trade , education, commerce, politics, Spirituality etc are the many sectors of the society.  One historical Truth is if any ONE of these sectors are fully developed, it can make the nation rise to the top of the world.  Oil has made many a nation rich.  It is trade that led Britain to a pre-eminent position for two centuries.  Japan is devoted to its Emperor and has known for its code of honour.  That is expressed in the quality of products she makes.  With 100 million population Japan through that one value could rise to be the second biggest economy of the world.

The Dutch perhaps is the 7th richest country in the world.  Their trump is agriculture, especially floriculture.  These are not nations that were developed by their govts, but they became eminent by the culture of the population - trade culture, culture of honour etc.  In India there is an awakening in the field of education.  It is not yet visible in agriculture or trade or athletics.  While all these are very true, we have one greater field, a field of Spirituality.  It is a field which embraces all the other fields.  Export developed in one city of  China equals the whole of Indian exports in volume.  Singapore is an island of 24 square miles.  She took advantage of its being an essential port.  Her per capita income is 50 times that of India.  The resources are infinite, though invisible.

It need not take centuries for India to become Prosperous.  It can be in a shorter period.  Instead of submitting valuable Reports to the Govt which is incapable of acting, the INDIVIDUAL can take up this theme in his own life and make it a reality.  A reader who was contended suddenly found his brothers are making lakhs and lakhs of rupees.  It made him think and write to me.  The experience of his brothers only shows the resources are endless.  One who is determined to achieve the goal he sets for himself can do so.  The progress of the individual is the progress of the nation.


Para No.2, Line No.8, 50times

Para No.2, Line No.8, 50times - 50 times

story | by Dr. Radut