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Introduction to Man & Woman

Every man needs a woman. Man's relationship with woman is eternal. What has social development to do with the Man-Woman relationship? Should this relationship be rightly understood fully, Social Development can take wings. In the psychological makeup of the human being, Man as well as woman is a part. Only when they come together it becomes a whole. The principle of male, female vibrations is there everywhere in Nature. Even in electricity there are positive and negative charges partially reflecting this principle.
  • Man needs woman for his psychological completeness.
  • The woman needs man for his physical completeness and physical protection to bring up her children. She leans more towards her children than her husband.
  • The peak of this principle is seen in Romance.

The bottom line here is the birth of the child.

  • There is wisdom in the statement that behind every man who is successful there is a dedicated woman.

A knife needs a handle for us to use it. The handle is the complement of the blade. A resourceful leader needs an organisation to accomplish his work. These are the complements in life. There is no work which does not split into such two complements. Planners, leaders, CEOs, organisers can raise their accomplishment very high, if they appreciate this principle. We see so many companies taking off suddenly and rising from a few hundred millions to a few billions. It may be due to any reason. Whatever the reason is, the process of spurt will reveal a higher harmony between the principles of male and female in the organisation. The principle of coordination has this character. One study of newspapers spotted the most successful newspaper and found the reason was coordination between the editorial and the rest. The male principle is energy seen as the urge. The female principle is organisation, strategy, skill, etc. Energy without organisation is a waste. Organisation without energy has no productive capacity. The Secret's methods of visualisation, writing a plan, a cheque, etc. reveals this idea. Visualisation gives the force the needed form that is lacking in certain cases. Aspiration is the male principle. Achievement is the female principle.

Human Romance rarely succeeds while the truth is eternal Romance. Man approaching woman as Man fails. His own approach is an act. In the act there must be completeness. It is generally the faculty of not being capable of seeing the negative side of the other. At a simple level it is obtained by good manners or behaviour. At a deeper level if the character is based on an idea of completeness, it is achieved. A personality that can always keep its completeness is capable of eternal Romance. As the other side reveals a greater negativity, he must be able to grow more positive is the principle. It is an eternal adventure offering one eternal Romance.

story | by Dr. Radut