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Internet – The Organisation


September  12, 2000

   Society constantly releases energy and turns it into results using several mechanisms and instruments. Organisation is such an instrument. Such organisations play an evolutionary role which means giving the society a push which cannot otherwise be given. That is its main role, but there are several other uses for any such organisation. These minor other uses combine in several ways to support the organisation in its main role, or to counter it.

  • Agriculture was an organisation whose chief role was production of food grains, but its main evolutionary role was to create stable communities around tracts of lands.
  • To expedite business by quicker transport and communication was such a role for the car.
  • Education played the key role of transferring the communal knowledge to the next generation.
  • Market, money, army, marriage, family, language, printing, publishing have all had such roles.
  • The role played by land, family, coal, oil, electricity, etc. is now being played by information. Information has become a well-known resource.
  • Up until now, information was spread by all existing organisations and instruments.
  • But now that information has become a resource, in that capacity, information plays the role of the instrument for social development.
  • The process of social development has other facets. One is leadership. It started with the strong man and is gradually trying to evolve to a position where that leadership will pass on to the individual.
  • Information given to us by others is different from information "discovered" by us through our own effort. Internet affords the opportunity for the individual to ‘discover' the information.
  • As the individual feels he has discovered the information himself, it is more meaningful to him and carries a greater power.
  • In the information that we now use to produce results, apart from that central fact of information, there are several other procedures that are necessary to produce the result. Where a book is available, it is information, but how it can be sent to you is the domain of procedures which an organisation - a company -now takes care of.
  • Still there is one more shade. A book is found. It is information. It is sent to us by Amazon which takes care of the procedure. We have to instruct Amazon how to ship the book. Often books sent by Amazon do not arrive in India. This part is almost subtle knowledge.  Internet gives that knowledge too.
  • In all works there is a subtle knowledge without which the work will remain incomplete.
  • To gain that subtle knowledge for any work has not been possible so far except by personal physical experience.
  • Internet is the latest organisation that has been created to pass on widely this subtle knowledge.
  • Internet is the organisation of subtle knowledge.
  • In future, the population that is not on the Internet cannot compete with the section that is on the Internet.

story | by Dr. Radut