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Internet - Outline of the Book

July 26, 2002

  • The aim is to illustrate the birth of an organisation and how it integrates with all other existing organisations. Internet will serve that aim best as it is topical.
  • Sri Aurobindo said that Life progresses by consciousness and consciousness by organisation.
  • Rarely we think of the value of organisation as we take it for granted. Imagine any organisation we use that it is not there tomorrow, then you will be able to appreciate its value. The effectivity of organisation over an unorganised energy is not one thousand times but more.
  • Vast social changes occur when there is an improvement in the tool - e.g. the medicinal mixture is replaced by injection or the tablet, the cheque to credit card. They are minor extensions of organisations at the tether end. All social development is the development of Organisation.
  • The Theory of Social Development is the theory of the birth, functioning, growth of organisation and its integration with the other existing organisations.
  • Internet is the latest organisation. All stages of growth are recorded. Often we may see in the social context its indirect impact.
  • Maybe the Internet is the first organisation that spills over into subtle knowledge. So it has the possibility of being seen as a subtle organisation, too, in part.
  • Over centuries, organisations grow into institutions. But Internet skipped that inescapable stage of evolution partly or fully.
  • It is in itself a result of computer and telecommunication coming together.
  • The basic argument of the book of Money fully understood will enable one to raise his earning capacity endlessly. So, also the book on Internet, apart from showing it is an organisation, gives a message to the reader, not explicitly, that one who is desirous of raising one's own psychological functioning in its effectivity can do so in great multiples. But that is not the stated aim of the book.
  • The WORK of constructing the book lies in tracing the various stages of growth of Internet, its spread, its effectivity on the local organisation that uses it and at different levels of life including the overall economy.
  • Any organisation - government or company - that sees the ORGANISING value of Internet, if it is not traditional and resistant to the change of administrative values, can constantly employ Internet to grow 10 or 50 times.

story | by Dr. Radut