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Internet and Computer are Mainly Organisation

October 26, 2001

  • Organisation is the middle stage in which act is the first and value is the last. [act, activity, system, organization, institution, culture, value]
  • By organisation we mean the execution of an act is efficiently coordinated with all its parts and agents effectively in Time and Space.
  • What gives the organisation its power is the sequential arrangement that yields the result.
  • When a work is to be done at one point at a given time with the help of 2 or 20 other forces at various other points, all those points and their work are to be in tune with the first point in Time, volume, quantity of material, and quality of coordination. When they are only points of supply, it becomes possible in one sense. It is not always so.
  • The advertiser and the newspaper are examples of two different organisations producing their own product but relating to each other in advertising.
  • Here the internal organisation to coordinate with the external organisation rises in quality, if not in complexity. It is the beginning of integration.
  • Organisation converts the productive energy into productive power.
  • This process of conversion is often done by a machine or a system or an organisation of several systems.
  • Energy before it is converted into power undergoes that change which makes it into force by direction.
  • Mental energy becomes a power of education by the organisation of the mind.
  • A lone thread becomes the power of a pattern by the organisation of weaving.
  • An event becomes news, sometimes a news essential to making the public opinion by the organisation of editing.
  • Data becomes information that is useful by the organisation of statistics or a theory in the field.
  • The mechanical organisation of internal combustion engine converts the heat energy into power of movement.
  • Personality is the organisation that converts the life energy into power of inner growth.
  • To approach Internet and computer from this point of view will help us understand their structure, function, role in development and evolution better.
  • We see any new organisation gradually integrating with every existing organisation to further development and evolution.
  • The old integrating with the new is an entire subject by itself.
  • Taking the Internet and computer and tracing them as formed organisations from the very origins of their components and halting at every major point of its merging with the social forces, we will get a full picture of their history and growth.

Notes 9/3/02

  • Biologically, the food we take is converted by the body into life energy, and in turn into mental energy through imagination which produces Hamlet. The process of conversion occurs at all levels in all spheres.
  • Organization of letters to form a word generates the power of communication and understanding.
  • Ordering of words in a dictionary converts linguistic facts into a useful power of knowledge.
  • An act can be an isolated act or an act of an organization. If it is the later it acquires power.
  • Computer is an organization. The chip channels electrical energy into power.
  • The body is an organization that converts the energies of sensation, impulses and thoughts into power of effective actions.
  • If one can understand fully the organization of the computer and the body, he attains full knowledge of organization at the physical level.
  • Life response is knowledge of the organization at the vital level.

story | by Dr. Radut