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Integral Yoga Institutionalizes Mother's Values

Life is wider than the society, family, culture, and such other groupings. History is a series of events. Man's existence becomes history after he has lived long enough worthily. Civilisation and culture are its higher versions, as an end result of further longer living. For our purposes civilisation is organisation and culture is institution. Civilisation rises to culture when the values of life are integrated with its living. I call this institutionalising.

These are eternal values of not life but existence. They are the twelve Spiritual values* and those that emanate from them. Out of these twelve, rise 1200 or 12,000 values. One may integrate these values with his life by the process of consecration and see the elevation of consciousness from human consciousness to Mother's consciousness. For instance, I take goodness. It is the knowledge of Truth. Truth is a great spiritual value even as knowledge is. What then is the knowledge of Truth? Truth is of the Being. Knowledge is of the consciousness. Both are the objective states of their respective subjective states of Being and consciousness. One's knowledge may be true or not. One's Truth may be out of knowledge or Ignorance; but when knowledge and Truth meet, it is not possible for either to be imperfect. Suppose I stand in the witness box of a court,I can speak truly without knowledge. Or I may speak knowledgably without it being true. To combine both, I should have a vast experience of the subject I speak of. I may err at any point. Or, I may have to have a deeper Truth possible in Spirit alone. For a normal person these are not possible. Sincerity is of prime value to Mother. Standing on the dock, practising sincerity, the right words will come to me with a burst of light inside.

To institutionalise Mother's values in one's life, one must be doing this all the time. When Sri Aurobindo calls all life yoga, He expects you to accept life inwardly and act in the outside society according to the values of the society - the right side of the right values. It makes life into yoga, Integral Yoga.

Integral yoga integrates Man with the Divine.

It integrates the severed Being, Consciousness and Ananda in our life.

We are thus integrated with the higher side of the social values in life.

To achieve that, our parts of being must first be integrated.

In each part, the knowledge and will are to be integrated.

There are two parts in each part - consciousness and substance.

They too must be integrated.

It is to integrate the surface with the depth.

This process of integration brings the soul and Nature together in integration.

In one sense, the integration of the bad with the good, first transforming bad into good and later good into good, is the greatest of integrations.

Even when we reach the subliminal, we are not rid of ignorance and division.

Only when the Superconscient and the subconscient meet in us the conscient, the right integration takes place so that it may ascend to the heights required for fulfilment.

* Infinity, Eternity, Silence, Peace, Unity, Truth, Goodness,

   Knowledge, Power, Beauty, Love and Ananda.       


story | by Dr. Radut