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Institution without Becoming an Organisation


November  3, 2001

  • Sri Aurobindo said 1.2.34 was a day of manifestation, 2.3.45 was of power, and 4.5.67 of perfect realisation.
  • Since 1967, Sri Aurobindo told The Mother in the subtle plane that the governments of the world were under the influence of the Supramental Force.
  • The Force now has moved to act on organisations directly.
  • The organisation of money moves at such speed that they say hereafter money will move at the speed of light.
  • Money and income will become synonymous.
  • Money is well on the way to becoming an essential that is in abundant surplus, as air, thus taking itself out of economies of scarcity.
  • Should this happen, the organisation of money will dissolve.
  • All institutions are organisations that have matured in the society for centuries.
  • Act - activities - systems - organisation - institution - culture - value is our formula.
  • Now we find the Internet emerging directly as an institution without passing through the phase of organisation.
  • Children before speaking fluently lisp. Those children who speak very late do not lisp, but directly begin to talk fluently.
  • Whether the stage of lisping will ever go away is not known.
  • National trade becoming global makes the organisation of trade global, so that no longer can national economics be nation-centred.
  • National activity extending to global dimensions is increase of quantity.
  • Computer is an organisation by itself which stores and processes data into usable information.
  • The technology of computer enhances the speed of communication as well as processing.
  • Internet is a vast international ORGANISATION of computers that have stored enormous amount of data processed into readily usable information.
  • Whether the Internet is an organisation now or an institution is not our present question. As the Internet is NOT centrally managed, it has the character of an institution. It has not passed through the stage of organisation.
  • It is said that the Internet will dispense with teachers, dispose of schools and dissolve the age-old organisation of education so that the population will educate itself directly on the Internet as they celebrate Christmas or Deepavali all on their own, on their own initiative, direction and values.
  • If this is discovered to be true, the Internet becomes an institution without ever becoming an organisation.
  • As the Internet threatens to dissolve organisation like education and management partly or wholly, I tend to believe that Internet has emerged as an institution directly.

story | by Dr. Radut