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471. Inflow of Money

In the 58 stories of Sherlock Holmes, not one client pays him AFTER his work is successfully completed. Holmes asks for fees from the king who sought his services and two other people. It is not in human nature to voluntarily pay for services rendered. European culture prevents people from getting paid for services, especially of a higher type. It is an American principle to pay for any service rendered. In India, culture is based on spirituality. An age-old custom compels us to offer free service. Payment for services rendered offends the cultural sensitivities of the common man. It has all become theory now in practice. But we often hear people saying, especially when they offer a service, that they are not working for money.

Many people pay lip service to a forgotten ideal. Some truly live the ideal in Spirit. Those who are sincere do not often give expression to their belief. A talented young man took to national service outside politics, as his father prepared him all his life for idealistic, patriotic service. Wherever he went, people in great number listened to him for hours. He was dedicated to creating leadership, preparing young men for an entrepreneurial life. In pursuing this ideal, he was to work with big companies promoting their products. He found himself earning enormous amounts of money in this process. His sensitivity was offended. He gave up projects that earned a lot.

Greater projects came his way. He was determined not to receive money in return of service. He discovered far greater amounts of money flowed in. There was another silent person who, like this gentleman, believed in service. He worked on his own and made very good money. When his talents attracted greater income, he preferred to offer them free. There are at best ten or twenty ways of abolishing Indian poverty. But the truth in the above two cases speaks of the truth of MONEY for a spiritual person. One who venerates the age-old wisdom and spiritual culture of offering services FREE sincerely will be flooded with money. That may be the spiritual organisation to generate infinite cash for which one has no real use.


Para No.1, Line No.7, theoryu

Para No.1, Line No.7, theoryu - theory

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Para No.1, Line No.6, ago-old - age-old

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