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On page 390 of the Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo gives an argument that Ananda is the only thing man is aware of and therefore he looks at the suffering of humanity and is appalled while Truth, Goodness, Force (Will), Knowledge and Ananda are united to form the whole that man is. Thus unity is the greatest principle and the other five are the important aspects. All our thinking is only from one side, that is, knowledge or will or goodness. In fact, all these five aspects and the cementing unity are acting simultaneously and not successively. The principle of simultaneity is the power of Infinity which we study from the point of view of any one of them as we act from the mind.

A writer, describing the status of the land, ends up saying that money is the king and he pronounces how inflation shifted power from the aristocracy. In the 50's, the communists said inflation was an instrument to shift money from the poor to the rich. Now, inflation acts as an instrument for shiftng money from the centralised powers (of the rich men and companies) to the individualised consumer.

story | by Dr. Radut