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Infinity – Eternity – Spirit – Existence



  • Time is the subjective state of Spirit.

Space is the objective state of Spirit.

Endless space is infinity.

Endless Time is Eternity.

So infinity and eternity shade off in each other in the Spirit.

  • Truth is the objective state of Existence.

          Spirit is the subjective state of Existence.

          So infinite Truth and infinite Spirit is Existence.

  • Similarly, Existence and Non-Existence in their infinite statuses meet in Brahman.
  • One whose Mind is in Space or Time by conceiving of their endless states can move into the domain of Spirit.

Conception of infinite Spirit and infinite Truth takes the Mind into Existence.

Infinite Existence and Infinite Non-existence, if they could be conceived of simultaneously, is Brahman.

  • Mind that conceives of Brahman is Supermind.

At the point of such a conception, Mind disappears into Supermind.

As the Mind disappears into Supermind, so the Supermind can disappear into Brahman.

  • As soon as Brahman conceives, we face the consciousness of Brahman which is Maya.

As soon as Brahman conceives, Supermind comes into existence, as Mind is born when the Supermind objectifies through the apprehending Supermind.

  • Objectification is a process of division of Supermind into its subjective and objective parts.

Brahman objectifies by creating its consciousness Maya, the result of which is Existence and its opposite Non-existence.

The subjective part is the partial Brahman and the objective status is Existence that includes the Non-Existence.

  • The Rishis saw the partial, subjective Brahman by their Minds and missed the whole of Brahman.
  • Surrender and consecration are the only methods.

Evolution is the finite becoming the infinite.

  • How does surrender of the finite become the infinite?

The finite is a phenomenal form given by the infinite for the purpose of creation. Before the form emerges, force issues.

What goes into the force is the Truth the infinite Self-conceived.

It is not exactly the infinite that conceived, but the Self-Conscious Being that did.

Self-conception occurs when Brahman became the Self-Conscious Being.

  • What then is the first move of Brahman before Maya emerged?

Brahman - Desire - Maya that is consciousness, Supermind - Sat which became Sachchidananda by Supermind, is the chain of change.

  • If the above is the Theory, what is the practice?

To see this chain of change in one's own acts is self-awareness of evolution.

  • Now the chain occurs all the time, but we are unconscious.
  • The two things that are needed are 1) to be conscious and 2) to know the chain.
  • To know the chain is different from seeing the chain in action.
  • He who sees it, even in one action, will be in the Supramental plane for that period.
  • Another way of approaching the issue is to discover the infinity in our daily events. Of course, it has to be followed by the self-existing Infinity.
  • Infinity itself is a part that represents space, the other part being Time.
  • Infinity and Eternity together is Spirit.

Spirit and Truth together is Existence.

Existence that includes Non-Existence and its subject part of Brahman together is the partial Brahman.

  • Further journey is from the partial Brahman to the complete Brahman that is full.
  • To do all this, to pass through all these stages, in doing any act here on earth is consecration.
  • Let it start as Self-conception before it is fully realised.
  • This is not the only way, but one of the ways to reach the goal.
  • Having reached, Brahman, the goal, begins its intention of creation, which involves the three stages of conception, limitation and absorption.
  • All this is still at the level of the consciousness of the Mind.

story | by Dr. Radut