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  • The Infinite is full of infinite infinitesimals.
  • Equally so, the infinitesimal is full of the infinite of another dimension since the Infinite Nothing creates an infinite of everything.
  • To know the Infinite thus is conception of the Absolute, to be that Infinite is to realise the Brahman in its own domain. Its perception as such lies in between.
  • The Finites we see around are,

- Material objects

- Events of movements

- Live men and their actions

- Thoughts and feelings of men

  • Into each such thing there is an infinity of thought, feeling, energy, sensation, work of skill and capacity of human dimensions. Behind them is their universality. Each such item can be sifted, analysed until we reach its silent status in Timelessness. Theoretically, we can go beyond until we reach the origin of each object in the Absolute, the Brahman.
  • We read an article. To us, it gives some ideas or facts. To the writer it reveals a whole world of words coined, phrases fashioned, information put into words, ideas that originated out of infinite experiences, and so on. The article that we casually read has a world of its own for the writer.
  • It is easy to see that each object, thought, emotion, act, movement can thus be analysed threadbare to its origins in its Becoming, in its Being and in the Being of its Becoming as well as to its origin in the Absolute.
  • As objects are made out of skill and capacity with the energy expressed with an idea behind, in our own work it is possible for us to trace objects to their origin.
  • This is done by observation, listening and the exercise of the senses. It is further carried on by the exercise of the mind until we reach the coordinating intelligence which is the ego. To know its motives, ways of operation, and so on, will help.
  • In matters of health, there is a lot of information one can read when one needs to. There is no event about which there is not an ocean of details in print when we want to know about it.
  • The first step is obviously to bring before the mind all that we know and to exhaust it by observation and the memory of thinking. Then comes the need to augment the facts.
  • It is also done by interest and attention which when intensified, reveals the very composition of their energies, sometimes even their structures.
  • When all observation, attention, interest and penetration is exhausted, one can either take up the physical method of study or the psychological methods of consecration and concentration.
  • Thus the Infinite will reveal the infinitesimal and the infinitesimal will again reveal its Infinity of Consciousness and Being. One can go beyond too.
  • A practical method is to exhaust examining our physical and psychological environment to the point of exhausting our effort. That is a real beginning.

story | by Dr. Radut