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Infinite in the Finite 1


The several processes of creation - an act that holds all those processes in it - viewing a result from all the other points of view - education as the organisation of the Mind - genius viewed from above and from below - teaching versus learning - intelligentsia - how to create higher types of individuals through teaching - definition of organisation

There are several processes in creation all of which are various expressions of the one central Process. In social evolution as well as spiritual evolution, there is a chain that begins with the act and ends in sensitivity. It is a wide spectrum to cover the whole existence of humanity. Going to the first principles demands considering the act as the end of another chain and sensitivity as the beginning of one more chain. As life is an integrated whole, it is possible for us to view one concept from the point of view of another concept. Its extreme expression is where one sees teaching as a process of learning and learning as a process of teaching. Some of these issues discussed in brief in this light incidentally reveal the dull head as that of a genius and the genius as an incident at a certain level of mental existence. If mind rises to that level, the genius will become commonplace. Organisation is a necessary arrangement when consciousness wants to develop. Hence to know organisation from the first principles will be of help. This is one way to discover the infinite in the finite. This is something one can practise if he develops all the strategies accompanying the varying stages of each process.

A comprehensive list of grades, components, strategies, phases, functions and aspects is possible. Below is an almost complete list.


  • The infinite determines itself in the finite.
  • Formlessness is a state from which all forms emanate. It is more than the opposite of form.
  • The Identical and Multiple exist in the Timeless plane and the plane of Time. But the Identical also exists in the plane of Time along with the Multiple.
  • One became the Many and it exists in the Many undiminished.
  • Silence is the opposite of activity. But it is the Silence that sustains activity.
  • Manifestation and non-manifestation fall under the same category.
  • Time and Timeless planes are opposite. A third dimension is where they coexist as simultaneous integrality of Time eternity and Timeless eternity.
  • Space and Spacelessness are two expressions of the same infinity.


Self-conception, Self-limitation and Self-absorption are the three possibilities of Maya when she turns into Prakriti and Shakti.


Physical, vital, mental, spiritual and Supramental is a gradation that exists in life. It exists as a clearly demarcated division.


Within each of them, all these five grades exist.


Each of these levels, the whole or part, divides into substance and consciousness.


In the range of the physical to the Supramental, there exists the spiritual mind range of the Muni, Rishi, Yogi and the Gods.


The triple concentration as in the known, knowledge and knower is possible for every spiritual determinant as well as every aspect we speak of.


Positive, negative.


Conception, Perception, Sensation.


Reason and logic preside over all activities of the Mind directly and in all acts above the Mind and below the Mind, they take appropriate forms.


Energy - Force - Power - Results.

Aspiration - Will - Organisation - Skill.

Every act lends itself to the above analysis.

Aspiration releases energy, Will directs energy to become force, Organisation changes force into usable power, and skills create results out of power.


Social, moral, ethical, psychological and the spiritual are stages of personality as well as stages of any of these processes. Before the social begins, there lies the individual. Beyond the Spiritual lies the Supramental. Neither the Individual nor the Supramental is the beginning or the end.


Personal, impersonal; cosmic, transcendental. It is seen also as individual, universal, transcendent.


Being - Consciousness - Force - Form are the four stages through which Matter is formed.


Below the Line, above the Line.


Act - activities - system - organisation - institution - culture - sensitivity. The Act is the end of another chain and sensitivity is the beginning.


Being, its Powers and Truths


Subjective, objective. (inner, outer)


Knowledge, Ignorance.


Data, Information, Idea.


Involution, Evolution.


Subconscient, Superconscient.


Good, Evil.


The 12 aspects of the Spirit - Infinity, Eternity, Silence, Peace, Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power, Beauty, Love, Joy.

  • An act is the unit of life, as the atom is the unit of Matter. An act is  a miniature of the universal life. An act is not a mere part of life or creation. It is an integral part of creation. An integral part must necessarily be of the structure of the whole. That is why Jivatma is the Eternal in the conditions of Ignorance. He who knows Jivatma fully will be led to the knowledge of the Transcendent Eternal. Here we see the rule where Man ends, God begins. One may ask why. Because it is a continuum and creation is an integrated whole.

- To be able to do an act and produce results is to know the finite. To produce great results is to know the Infinite.

- To know theoretically how the infinite details of a finite thing relate to the infinite details of another finite thing or the Infinite is to have the knowledge of the Infinite fully.

- That is the process of Jnana Siddhi, realisation of knowledge.

- The capacity to look at an act in the light of the above 24 processes gives that Jnana.

  • Education makes experience conscious. Toynbee says the intelligentsia produces revolutionary changes in 136 years. Before that, leaders of the society, including administrators were chosen by experience or birth. Education usurped that position. Experience is abridged by education.
  • What the education produces depends upon its quality. Its quality depends on its methods which in turn are determined by the beliefs of the educator or the system.
  • Education can produce candidates for survival, growth, development or evolution. Observed facts stored in memory as information enable the personality to produce. A productive personality is that of an employee. Facts taught faithfully produce salaried employees.
  • To teach the relation between things - rainfall and harvest - creates thinking through understanding. Thought is born as he sees the cause leading to effect. It enables one to produce on his own. It is productive capacity, not producing for another. It makes him an entrepreneur.

Observation of relation between things generates thought through understanding and thinking as he observes causes leading to effect. Thought generates productive capacity of the entrepreneur.

  • To see the effect issuing out of a cause is Reason. Reasoning learnt at school makes one an entrepreneur.
  • Logic is the right relation between things.

Logic demands complex thinking.

It makes man wise, gives birth to the Idea.

Logic does not see the isolated process.

It observes the wider process. It is a complex process.

It leads to accomplishment.

Socially creative persons accomplish.

They become thinkers; if sentimental, they become poets.

The turn of events in a story is compelling logic.

When a complex result or a result due to a complex process is seen as the result of the logic of the events, logic is understood.

Logic at early stages of the mental development appears subtle. To lead the student through the stages of development silently and wait for him to comprehend the right logic is the best method. If the child's mind is rid of all superstitions it will be mostly or always logical. Any influence of the teacher is detrimental. Textbooks always influence one way or another. The child will always develop a logic which is perverse as a result of superstitions, beliefs of so many quarters. Even there, one can see the individuality. The right logic will be hidden there.

  • A man's character, the potentials of a situation, local tradition, and vested interests have infinite details in them. Man cannot see his relationship with such details, as he is also infinite and unconscious about it. It needs a penetrating perception of spiritual wisdom as they work out the Real-Idea through the yogic creative process of the Supermind. Children can be taught insight by a teacher who has intuition. *
  • Education that gives isolated facts prepares men for social survival.
  • Self-Conception: We can give facts, thoughts, ideas or logic. But what assimilates is his personality, which is presently the social personality. Social personality issues out of social self-conception which the child takes in implicitly or unconsciously. It can be consciously trained. Even the conscious training of the school or family is unconsciously accepted by him. To make him conscious is great. It is a great subject for teachers who are conscious. Just now all of us are socially conscious. It is unconsciousness. As social self-conception is drilled in psychological self-conception too can be trained. Spiritual self-conception cannot be trained. The boy must become spiritually conscious. Supramental self-conception makes one God.
  • Education organises the Mind at different levels - survival, and such others.
  • Organisation is such an arrangement of the movements, parts, so that when one part moves, the other too moves correspondingly to produce a result for the whole. Such an organisation can be in the physical, vital and mental planes. It is possible only when all the parts are guided by the authority of the centre to which they are all related.
  • Physical organisation is productive. Vital organisation produces relationships.
  • Mental organisation gives birth to ideas or ideas of work.

An Idea itself is an organisation of energies, attitudes, skills.

  • Education at the level of physical facts enables students to understand social relationships so that they may solve social problems or avail of social opportunities.
  • Mental education gives the understanding of the relationships between ideas which when formulated from below makes one a Genius. This formulation can receive the powers of genius from above if the faith is not in the formulation.
  • Analysis of an act or acts can lead us to understand the world as an organisation. Higher above, it can be understood as a consciousness or a Being. It is a social organisation, social consciousness of the social Being.
  • To understand the world as a social organisation, psychological organisation, spiritual organisation or supramental organisation is possible.

- Social organisation reveals the Theory by which it exists.

- Psychological organisation helps one transcend mind and see himself as a Spirit.

- Spiritual organisation pushes one into the Timeless Plane.

- Supramental organisation is the Marvel, Brahma Jananam.

To understand oneself as an organisation, consciousness or Being is possible.

- Understanding oneself as an organisation reveals the character, swabhava.

- Understanding oneself as a consciousness enables him to transform his consciousness.

- Understanding oneself as a Being is to shed the ego, see the Purusha.

  • Every person in the world is a world in himself. So also, each thing is. To know the surface is finite knowledge. To know all about men and materials and how they interact with other men is to learn the logic of the infinite.

- Various chemicals on the shelf in different bottles do not react. Put them in a test tube, and reactions occur. Over two hundred years chemistry has collected Himalayan details of such reactions from the first principles and has given us thousands of products.

- Two thousand years of knowledge has resulted in the knowledge of human affairs. It is organised as astrology that submits to Nature and karma. That knowledge is subtle knowledge. Organised around our Being is the knowledge of the Future. It is the science of life. Our educational system can introduce it.

*  To develop full arguments for all these statements, classroom methods that can be taught can be developed from the input of the classrooms. One needs infinite Patience of the good human nature of Self-giving.

story | by Dr. Radut