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Infection from Animals


Report No.: Y20

September 1,1974

PROBLEM:    My brother is getting on well. He has an attack of animal infection that is of common occurrence to veterinary-surgeons due to prolonged contact with diseased animals. The doctor advised him to be at rest for some time.

SOLUTION:   Your brother suffers from animal infection common to veterinary-surgeons. If he has faith in the Mother, please suggest the following to him: Veterinary-doctors develop this symptom more due to the sympathy for the animals than the physical closeness. Sympathy is psychological closeness that is the subtle link through which the disease travels. I do not deny the physical infection; but in our understanding the mental link is more powerful. If he tries to sever this mental link, the disease will disappear. Mentally, his attitude towards the sick animal must be neutral, i.e. he is doing what he is expected to do and there he must stop. He must not grow emotional over the suffering animal. Some doctors may deny that they have this emotional attitude. Even in those who do not consciously feel a sympathy, it is likely, in the nature of circumstances, to be there subconsciously. Let him think of some animals he treated for this disease and try to withdraw his emotions towards them, if he has any. If he has no overt sympathy, let him recollect these cases and hand them over to Mother. Or, let him bring these animals before his mind and imagine Mother's figure between him and the animals. The disease will disappear.

story | by Dr. Radut