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411. Inexorable Law

Nehru decided to appoint Sastri as a Member of the Cabinet without portfolio and Nanda was disturbed as the palm leaf astrology - nadi josyam - said it would ruin the nation. Nehru laughed and asked if 500 years earlier they had predicted what was to happen the next morning. God's creation is known as Prakriti. It is in Time and ruled by the force of Time. Seers have been there all over the world who have had a full insight into the past and future of Time. Sri Aurobindo says that if the exact moment of birth is known, astrology can predict precisely. Scientifically advanced nations laugh at astrology as a superstition. It is more precise than the most precise predictions of Science.

Bhishma chose to remain unmarried to oblige a wish of his parents. It was a formidable will that he mastered his sex urge. But sex is a force of Nature unconquerable. Only a Rishi sublimates his sex energies into spiritual energies called tejas.  The force of sex, a biological force, does not yield to anything less powerful than the spiritual force. The unconquered force remained unconquered; it prevailed. At the battlefield Bhishma had to lie on a bed of arrows, suffering an intensity of pain that is inconceivable. It was Lord Krishna's Grace that relieved him of the pain. The law here is as long as one is in Time - kala - called 'becoming' in philosophy, the law in inexorable. There is no known force in the life or Time that can overcome that law. It is said even Avatars cannot escape it, even if the act was done in an earlier birth.

Today it is the HOUR of GOD. The long aeons of work have borne fruit. The Hour has arrived. This is an hour that can overcome the Law of Nature, the inexorable law of karma. Sri Aurobindo is neither a Rishi, nor an Avatar, an emanation of God's vibration who comes on earth to show men the path of the Lord. He is the Lord Himself; of course a portion of the Lord. He came down on earth to announce the arrival of the HOUR. We, mortal men, are ignorant of Him and The Mother who converted His Power as Grace in our Life. The Supramental Anniversary has come on Feb. 29th and gone. None of us has felt it. Devotees in the hundreds are receiving the TOUCH of that Force as prayers answered. No one cares to know how it happened or where it came from.

story | by Dr. Radut