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Importance of Perfection being Perfect



  • Perfect Perfection was His conception.
  • In this world of ours, perfection is a dream.
  • To go beyond that will be to answer His description - of the idealist stung by an indomitable energy.
  • Is there a truth in this? Or, what is the theory of that conception?
  • The smallest error at the bottom magnifies itself at the top many, many times. This is a theoretical fact.
  • In locating the longitude by the difference between the local time and the meridian time, a change of 1/10th of a second sends one floundering along. This is our experience.
  • Measurement of mountain heights in the 18th century, that used the geometrical method of triangulation, used rods six feet long whose error was less than .001 inch over a distance of 7 ½ miles. The Himalayas were measured and found to be 29,002 feet at the peak of Everest, after thousands of such measurements confirmed the height. Modern methods that use the satellite, computer and such instruments found that measurement of 200 years ago acceptable.
  • Today precision in instruments, of microns, are spoken of. The extraordinarily precise results of the computer is due to that physical precision which fits the Perfect Perfection.
  • Scientific industry testifies to its presence, possibility and its practical necessity.
  • When Nehru had proposed the appointment of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the palm leaf astrology 'nadi jyosyam' had read that 'tomorrow a short man will be appointed to the cabinet as an important member.' It had been written 500 years ago.
  • Astrology can predict the meal one will eat a hundred days later.
  • If such a perfection is there in material science and subtle science, it is better we accept it as a reality without disputing it.
  • For one who has crossed the intellectual barrier in understanding The Life Divine, it is possible to know the contents of the book with that thoroughness. Three stages of such a perfection are:

1. Holding the various aspects of the knowledge of The Life Divine in the mind as a precious possession of the mind.

2. To apply that knowledge to the planned description in the field well defined, as conceived by the mind, and work out their correspondences fully.

3. To have them well expressed in work in details during execution.

The first will break the ice and show the nature of the expansive force. The second will concretely achieve the impossible as a one time miracle. The third is a permanent possession of it as a power of organisation.

story | by Dr. Radut