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469. The Importance of Memory

Those who have poor memory are surprised at those who have good memory. An employer went to Madras and wanted to call an officer from another company who had visited him fifteen days earlier. He called his office in his home town and asked the girl there to look for his card and tell him the phone number. The girl told him the phone number from memory. The proprietor was surprised because the girl had taken the card and put it into the drawer when the visitor called. How could she do this feat? "Give me thirty minutes and I shall make you an expert in memory," says an article by an expert.*

This expert met an American whose memory was poor. The expert asked him to write down more than fifteen names of disparate articles. The American wrote TV, clock, plane, knife, pen, etc., a total of 17 words. Now the American took some time to memorise the list. He tried to reproduce it. Beyond three or four of the list, he failed. The expert asked him whether he could recall the list in the reverse. Only one item came to his mind. "What is the name next to pen? What name precedes ice cream?" There was no answer. Then the expert took thirty minutes and explained his method of visual images and asked the American to go through the process himself. At the end, the American could recall the list backwards and forwards and could exactly say which item preceded which.

The expert has several methods. By one of those methods, he made his seven-year-old daughter memorise a 200 digit number in one hour. By another method, he could memorise a whole law book. Memory is no problem for many. For those who have poor memory, it can make them a failure in life. The method is simple. There are hundreds of such methods the world knows. These were developed, he says, by the Indian sages, Egyptian priests, Greek thinkers, etc. The superhuman memory of Vedic scholars is based on one of these methods. Man's endowments are enormous, the help he can get is endless. Only that he does not know his own potential. To know one's own potential is self-awareness. Spirit invoked increases one's self-awareness and lays bare all the potentials in him.

(* The article on Memory Power can be found on the website:

story | by Dr. Radut