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Human Consciousness Turning into Mother's Consciousness


                                                                                                            March 12, 1991

   Mother's Consciousness, as anything else, exists at several levels, the highest being HER transcendent-universal consciousness and the least being Her aura. In between, the intensities can be explained either as our going to Her by aspiration or Her coming to us by Her Grace. Either way, the levels are the same, though their expressions are different even as the child asking for its need from its mother and getting it and the mother herself giving it on her own, perceiving the need of the child, is the same in regards to the material received.

   Let us try to understand it in a non-philosophical way in a few grades. The very first layer of Mother's Consciousness is that which responds to our prayer. This power is enough to relieve your problem and is always available for you to invoke by prayer. Man's consciousness exists in several layers described psychologically as manners, behaviour, character, personality and consciousness. To put them in the common man's language, (though it renders the above classification inexact and overlapping) we can say, man exists at the following levels:

            1) The most external expression for the sake of the society, which comes not from any formed inner habit, we term as 'for society's sake'.

            2)  The next comes from a necessity of mental conviction for the sake of society. Still it is not like the first;  it is not lacking in mental conviction. The surface mind is convinced of the necessity to conduct itself in a particular way.

            3) Further down, the inner mind has its own conviction as to how things are.

            4) Next is the character where it is not under one's control but one is under its control.

            5) Below that is the personality which is capable of originality, while the character is capable of only repeating what it has learnt, good or bad.

            6) Last is the consciousness from which we never act as long as the above are available. We act from consciousness only when the above 5 fail. Rarely do we act from there.

I shall illustrate briefly.

1) These are polite, unmeaning manners which we put up as guests elsewhere. We appreciate the hosts' accomplishments.

2) One who does not believe in does it for the sake of elders, but performs it year after year without fail, even when he is in Bombay. This is for the sake of the parents' opinion, not issuing out of one's own conviction.

3) We believe we should not cheat others because it is wrong. Respect for religious talisman, etc. belongs to this category of true inner conviction.

4) The next has nothing to do with society, religion etc. but issues out of my constitution. I am patient or reasonable by nature or its opposite. Patience, endurance, understanding, dynamism, greed, etc. and their opposites are characteristics with which one is born.

5) The entire consciousness is not organised into character but a fringe is left uncovered. Character can act only from precedent and cannot act where it has none. It comes to a standstill. It cannot face a new situation. The unorganised part of consciousness can be original and is called personality. It can face a new situation and come out with a new idea for action. C. Subramaniam had the administrative personality and therefore he created green revolution. Kamaraj had the political personality. In 1954 in an unprecedented political chaos he boldly acted and gave the state a stable administration. All of us have it in some measure.

6) When thought, behaviour, character, and personality fail in a situation, we generally fall silent. Sometimes a sudden inspiring thought or idea comes from somewhere unknown. It comes from the consciousness. This is rare.

   In each of the above situations, I shall explain how to switch over to Mother's Consciousness. For Mother, TRUTH is essential. In appreciating the hosts' accomplishment, one can confine himself to truth. That way he will find that he becomes resourceful and, not being able to lie, he does discover real value in the hosts which he is normally unaware of.

   In performing the ceremony, instead of doing it without conviction, one can consciously switch over to the idea that the parents' sentiments are to be respected. To respect the sentiments of the parents is to respect the truth in us towards the parents. The moment this attitude is accepted, the empty inner feeling is changed into fullness. It is no longer humbug. Now we stand for an inner truth.

   To believe in not cheating is good in itself. It is better to believe in it for its own sake rather than for fear of karmic consequences. In worshipping an idol, one expresses a consciousness that is not high, though right. One can elevate himself to worshipping the spirit behind and make the idol a secondary representation of it. Raising oneself sufficiently, it is better to dispense with an idol. A thali is significant, for some it is sacred, which is a good, right feeling. No one can suggest to women or even men that thali can be dispensed with. By dispensing with them, one rises above the sentiments that are expressed in external symptoms. That would be iconoclastic. At least one can treat it with the sacredness due to it.

   To endeavour to convert impatience, intolerance, unreasonableness, inertia, greed etc. into patience, tolerance, reasonableness, dynamism, generosity is to move towards Mother in this area.

   Acting from personality, one is creative and is closer to Mother. Acting from consciousness, one is still closer to Mother though even there, there is the difference between human consciousness and Mother's consciousness.

   All that is said above is arguments to change from low to high habits as they are bringing one closer to Mother.

   Some typical situations can be cited as clear distinctions between our consciousness and Mother's consciousness.

   Man believes that illness can be cured only by medicine while we must believe that the body cures itself. As a compromise, we take medicines. Instead of the 10 doses, the body cures itself in 2 doses. To have full faith in Mother is to fully believe that She will cure us and She WILL cure us. As Mother advises we must be fully ready to take all the medicines. What happens is that one is cured by not going to the doctor at all or quickly cured after going to the doctor but that disease never comes again.

   We believe in paying less to a worker because that is the way to make profits, i.e. 'paying more helps you to earn more' is a dictum of Mother. It works differently. By our willingness to pay more our capacity expands and therefore our earnings expand.

   In dealing with people, we accept their nature as final. Mother says if we change our attitude, they will also change accordingly. When a child is retarded, we accept it. Mother says that with appropriate faith, not merely will the retardation be gotten rid of, but it  will change into its opposite.

   A social situation of general corruption is accepted by us and we act accordingly. Accepting Mother and believing that I need to bribe only as long as I inwardly believe in bribes, one changes to Mother.

   When a doctor gives up hope, the lower sees no legal point in your favour, the final  court turns down your petition, the hope is lost. That means our hope is in medicine, in law, in court etc. Switching our faith to Mother from law and medicine, we exhibit faith. Mother acts better through faith.

   When an act is a finished fact, when a loss has come to stay, we accept the accomplished fact. To believe in Mother means that it is not the end. Not only that, it can change to the opposite. Our part is to exhibit that faith.

   Something has happened long ago. For that too, we must have the faith in Mother to rectify the situation.

   We do not expect a selfish man to act selflessly towards us. To believe in Mother, here too, his selfishness is no bar. Mother can act in spite of his selfishness, maybe in an unselfish manner, too.

   We trust somebody with our secrets. He turns against us. Naturally we expect him to use our secrets against us. In Mother, it need not be so. He may not use it against us. People acting uncharacteristically in Mother is characteristic of Her.

   We believe that the land's output is limited, that there is no luck in our horoscope, a license has to be paid for, we have to lie in elections. To change our belief in all these places is to accept Mother in our life.

   The same idea can be explained differently. When man is beset with problems, his one concern is to get rid of them, not how. It matters little to him as long as the problem is solved. He is not worried about how it is got rid of. Here, being a devotee of Mother, one takes the stand that he wishes to solve his problems NOT by any method but only by methods approved of by Mother. This raises his consciousness to Mother's consciousness. Slowly he will find his life free of problems. Also he can find Mother acting in his life even before he begins to pray.

   To accept Mother more, we can go one step further. SHE is a believer in progress. To look around us and constantly create opportunities for progress is to grow in HER consciousness.

   Because something is new, or unprecedented, we do not try it. Because it is not tainted by the past, Mother acts there best. So, we must hasten to accept it.

   When a knotty problem has been given up by everyone, if it comes to us, we too prefer to give it up. If you want to be a true devotee of Mother, you must believe that BECAUSE everyone has given up, we should accept it. For Mother there is no small problem or big problem or knotty problem. SHE solves all problems. Believing in that axiom, one comes closer to Mother.

   An unbelievably good proposal is for others  tall talk. For us, it is exactly a context where Mother acts more easily because it does not carry the atmosphere of tradition. Fresh contexts respond to Mother better.

   The normal rule of something depleting on being drawn upon is not true with Her. It need not diminish. As and when material is drawn from a store, the store, in Mother's kingdom, will remain as full. Better still, the store will grow as you draw from it. It is worthwhile making some selected exercises at home or in the profession initially with caution lest we fall into a gross error. Ordinarily when the boss tries to deny your due, he does not understand that Mother creates a double quantity of it from you elsewhere. When your due is not paid month after month or year after year, in life, what is lost is lost forever. Even when the situation is rectified, the past loss remains a loss. In Mother, nothing will be denied to you. If it is ever denied and you later get it, all that is so far denied will come to you together. Nothing will be lost, because in HER there is no loss. A man might have worked in 5 or 6 fields and finally come to a 7th field where he prospers while the first 5 or 6 are failures. Now, if he takes to Mother, he will see one of the two things both of which testify to Mother's law. By a strange law of life, every little thing in his earlier life will come back to him with success. The earlier failures will directly rectify themselves. The election you lost 25 years ago, the rewards that were denied to you will come back exactly from the self-same places to your amazement. Or, the value of the rewards denied will come now in another shape to fully compensate the earlier loss. Someone was asked to found a co-op bank in Pondicherry in the sixties which he did as an NGO. It reached an all-India record in percentage of collection. He did not even get his due promotion. Exactly after 25 years, during the Jubilee, he was called and honoured for services rendered 25 years ago. To believe in such rules of life is to accept Mother more and more. With each level accomplished, there is always a further level to rise to.

story | by Dr. Radut