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Human Consciousness: Level 3

171 )  All men in America who became multimillionaires in one generation belong to No. 3.

People of No. 3 achieve in their life what others achieve in ten generations.

No. 3 is mind that makes the body act according to its efficiency.

We can say the ratio of efficiency between the body and Mind is one thousand.

That thousand-fold multiplication shows itself at all points and at all moments.

In truth, an infinite expansion in our human circumstances abridges itself as one thousand.

No. 7 acquires skill.

No. 3 converts that skill into capacity.

In doing so, No. 3 draws on all the experiences of 6 to 3.

A man learns one skill after another. The essence of all those skills collect as capacity.

Here No. 3 draws upon all the experiences of No. 7, 6, 5, and 4 to create a mental capacity out of them.

In America, the wild circumstances offered a wide experience in all fields.

They were original circumstances. Therefore it was original capacity that accrued.

In No. 7 one may learn the skill of writing or cooking.

As one adds to these skills the skills of painting, mediating, speaking, organising, each collects its essence behind.

No. 3 is an organiser.

It collects all these essences, organises them as a capacity of the Mind.

That mental capacity dictates to the body to work according to its plan. Hence the enormous results.

America was then a country that admitted the aspirations of any man to be achieved, by its

  • wide physical space that prevented the society from inhibiting an individual growth;
  • freedom from legal constraints, if not lawlessness, to create any organisation one chose;
  • freedom from social structure to experiment with any new structure;
  • shortage of labour that constantly created labour-saving devices;
  • sense of equality to all that released all the human potentials.

Today whatever we want to do, we evaluate it by its social approval, legal validity, how it would impinge on others, where we can go and hide our faces if it fails. All our mental energies are thus consumed and we end up doing what all others do and bring up the rear.

To the American each success egged him on to greater success. He was not looking for anyone to endorse what he did. As long as it was good for him, it was right. He was the sole judge, not the society. Today the Internet has introduced a similar freedom in another plane - cyberspace - and with a vengeance insists on equality by offering anonymity to the participants.

172)  No. 7 learns skills. When skills mature into capacity, No. 3 is born.

No. 7 is the mental part of the body.

Mind means understanding, division, light, organisation.

No. 7 understands the energies that enter it from No. 8 mainly.

(Energy can come to No. 7 from any part, but the bulk for work comes from No. 8).

It comes from movement.

Sensation is the response of the body to the outside touch, as thought is the response of the Mind to a similar outside touch.

Heart responds with feelings.

The nerves - vital - respond with nervous sensation.

The body issues bodily sensations.

The movement of No. 8 issues a copious flow of physical energy for work.

That movement, like the falling rain, being unorganised, will help a little as the best part is wasted.

To utilise it fully, an organisation is needed, like the system of irrigation that utilises the rain water.

No. 7 is the spot that acts as such a tool.

That being a mental part, it throws light on the incoming energy.

It understands how that energy can be used.

It can divide that energy into several parts - by subdividing it into mental, vital and physical parts.

Such a divided mental part understands.

The vital part energises.

The physical part serves as a substratum.

A skill can be fashioned by No. 7

Speech is a skill. Eating is another skill. Organising is a skill. Accomplishing too is a skill.

A skill is formed by the repeated passing of energy through a structure.

No. 7 is such a mental structure in the physical.

The initial repetitions are subconscious.

Further repetitions are conscious.

Skill begins to form.

It is formed when the consciousness and substance are saturated with it.

That skill has an essence collected in its substance.

Essences of several skills collect in its substance.

It is capacity that can be used to operate any skill.

No. 7 and No. 3 are connected.

They are connected in substance.

Capacity is the link.

Capacity of No. 7 moves to No. 3 to form its foundation.

No. 3 starts with what it receives from No. 7.

No. 3 similarly receives other things from other levels.

Here we consider only the contribution of No. 7

So skills formed in No. 7 create capacity and supply No. 3 to form its basis.

173) Skills of No. 7 mature into capacity of No. 3 if the energy of personality increases by aspiration for work.

The formation of each of these levels explains itself from various points of view.

Energy, force, and power are the aspects that fashion it.

Skills, strategies, structures, organisations are necessary for its creation.

The energy needed here is mental energy.

The vital, physical energies do not find a direct play.

They are released by aspiration. Here it is mental aspiration.

Mind aspiring to create the faculty of No. 3 releases mental energy.

It will act only when it is in sufficient quantity.

The quantity of such mental energy that can be created is determined by the extent of totality of the being.

That energy here is to create a faculty of will, an organising faculty of decision .

Who fashions that energy into this faculty?

It is the Personality that does it.

Before the energy becomes an organising faculty, it has to become force.

How is the energy converted into force?

By the WILL.

Note it is the Will of the being that directs the released mental energy into force. It is mental force.

Force becomes power when it passes through a structure.

Here the existing mental structure must convert the newly released energy that reaches it as mental force into an organising faculty.

That is done by the mental skills already obtaining there.

We can observe here, that the skills of No. 7, by an act of maturity, help this formation.

In this process, we can observe in detail that every level from 1 to 9 has a role to play.

For a complete study, one should look at this process from the points of view of all other human traits - manners, behaviour, character, personality, individuality, the same of the collective, of the nation, etc.

  • All play a role in the fashioning of all.
  • Each plays a role in the making of all.
  • Each has a role in each other.
  • The interlinking is complete till it becomes integral.
  • Understanding the formation of one level gives us the process of formation of all levels.
  • It helps to know how energy, force, power etc. are crated and their origin.
  • What is the role of personality, character, etc. here? Do they have any role at all?
  • After the creation, how does this level relate to all other levels is a knowledge that will complete the process.

174) No. 3 forms by shedding its vital sensation, leaning to empiricism which is seen in its emphasis on the result.

No. 3 is mental.

To be mental, it should shed its vitality and physicality.

Shedding is not giving up.

It means it goes to the background and is there ready to act when called for, as the army does in peace time.

Man needs all services, but at a particular time he needs only one.

The one is commissioned into action while the rest are dormant.

No. 3 is mental and therefore capable of rationality.

Its rationality can accomplish more.

Rationality is intelligence coordinated.

For intelligence to come into play, the distortion of sense should not be there.

One in recruitment looking for a capable employee cannot recruit a woman because she is pretty. That is to allow rationality to be distorted by sense impressions.

One has to be empirical in this case.

A pretty woman recruited for her looks will fail to perform in her work.

The results do not honour impressions. They go by the inner work.

Now-a-days, pollution is a major concern.

If you trace the history of any product, it will end up in the scientist who discovers it.

The nature of the product will fully reflect the nature of the scientist.

Efficient Microorganism (EM) is a product that is becoming popular.

It is based on a philosophy.

Things are positive and negative.

Whatever we emphasise grows.

EM is applied to the soil which is 5% productive.

It fortifies its productivity. The 5% begins to change to 6% and then 10%.
It has the capacity to be 100% positive in future.

Reason, by shedding sensation fully, can become intuition.

The aim should be the whole, the well being of the whole.

It is always better than the aim of the welfare of the part.

Shedding the sensation to become empirical and reasonable is the first major step.

This is the motive of humanity from the beginning.

Today the world is moving towards one world through globalisation.

It will lead to human unity.

A united humanity wants to live in a pollution-free world, unthreatened by violence, and terrorism, unharassed by inner uncertainties, outer insecurity or scarcity.  

No. 3 is the ideal instrument for that Goal.

It is comprehensive, creative and organised.

Shedding vitality and physicality, it becomes a major tool of mentality.

It is a tool of rationality.

It has the capacity to acquire Intuition.

Intuition eliminates all problems of the world before they take form.

175) All those who devised new productive systems like the assembly line belong to No. 3.

No. 3 is an organiser.

At a lower level, it is productive.

It can be creative at higher levels.

When a product enters the market, it is being improved continuously for ten or twenty years.

What effects those improvements is skill.

The skill of No. 7 is a primary skill.

One man discovered the cycle, another man learns it.

What learns cycling is No. 7.

What discovers the cycle is No. 3.

Skills exist everywhere.

It is a skill of No. 3 that moved from cycle to motorcycle.

All the capacities of all the nine levels are found in potential in all the levels.

The world is moving towards human unity.

It implies all men are equal.

Even if Man finds himself in several levels, all the other levels are in him.

It is the presence of all your needs in potential in others that attracts us to others.

It is achieved by self-giving.

This theme admits of extensive original research in the history of Man.

Each stage of progress can be analysed in terms of this principle.

Events in this century lend themselves easily for research.

Man has devised a family, cultivated crops, invented a language in the past.

Recently Money became the credit card, communication is through cell phone, education is at home, email is free.

Banks are discovering "the need of the poor - micro-credit - is our expanding market."

That is expanding the banking business.

The Grameen Bank discovered it.

The world has honoured him with a Nobel Prize.

What faculty in him discovered the value of micro-credit?

He belongs to No. 3.

At that level, he has skill.

His skill is situated in human trust and Money.

He made a bold experiment. It was a success.

Now micro-credit is spreading.

Big banks learn from small experiments.

That is No. 1 or No. 3 learning from No. 7

It is descent.

Every single ACT, especially one of innovation, can be evaluated in terms of 1 to 9, explained in terms of the Principles of Social Development, its direction in the ascent-descent fixed, its energy described, its force evaluated, its power measured, its skills analysed, its strategies described so that Social Development will qualify as a Science in the sense where knowledge is Power that accomplishes.




176) The Secret speaks of Canfield who rose from $8000 income to $1 million. His essential work was done in No. 3

The Secret advises us to identify with the Universe.

What they call universe is life or our subconscious or sometimes the Universe itself.

That we are part of the universe is spiritually true.

In practice a deep longing can make the subconscious deliver the goods.

In the case of Canfield, we see an expansion of energy 120 times.

The energy in this case was triggered by his ambition and was supplied by the National Inquirer.

Though the support came form the journal, his aspiration was enough to receive 120 times the expanded result.

His original achievement was $18,000.

Obviously it was achieved by the mere expansion of his physical energy.

Had it been vital energy, it could have been more than ten-fold.

A 120 fold expansion cannot only come from energy.

It needs a basic widened organisation to create the receptivity and support it.

Obviously he is a personality of a small build but with an embryo of organisation of No. 3 in him.

To start with, he had the structure of No. 3 but it was not activated.

The Secret gave him hope, and expanded him from 8 to 18 thousand dollars.

More energy even 120 times can come out of his own expansion as in the case of Tom Peters.

In this case, he was given the opening of a national channel which already has the wider scope.

His work was to reach the newspaper.

What helped him was his equipment of No. 3 in whatever measure.

A mere spurt of energy cannot expand beyond a limit and it will suddenly fall down.

No. 3 has the organisation 1) to expand its receptivity, 2) to prevent the fall.

In the scale of human accomplishment, No. 3 stands almost on the top.

Therefore, it has in its store, to its credit the entire strength of 4 to 9.

No. 3 organises the energies that enter it by converting them into decision and determination.

Decision is will structured.

Canfield has supplied the energies of the Secret to that will.

The energies of The Secret carry a knowledge of the universe.

Knowledge fortifies WILL indirectly but powerfully.

Taking the decision to the substance, it becomes determination.

Determination here is determination to achieve his goal.

Determination supplies the energies of WILL.

Its energies are of the substance.

Energies of the substance are endless.

They are also stronger than the energies of decision.

No wonder Canfield achieved.

His faith in The Secret was total.

It began to expand when it touched $18,000.

Faith, energy, organisation, and strength of will together have accomplished in the life of Jack Canfield.

177) Blending of the idea of the mind with the capacity of the physical and energising it with vitality is No. 3.

No. 3 is in the mental plane.

It belongs to the physical part of the Mind.

Hence it has the power of physicality.

Having crossed the vital plane, it is saturated with the energy of vitality.

We see in No. 3 the Mind, the vital and the physical meeting and mixing with each other.

The first principle of existence is harmony.

At No. 3 we see the thought of the Mind, energy of the vital, the power of the physical not only mixing, but smoothly blending.

  • Organisation is the stamp of that blending.
  • An organisation is capable of bringing diverse forces together and making each of them serve the cause of the other.
  • In a VIP visit, we see such an organisation at work. The police, repository of power - armed power - are silently present in overwhelming numbers to ensure peace in the procession. The harsh power of the police softens the possible violence of the crowd into a quiet, peaceful movement.
  • An organisation charged with vital energy becomes a silently dynamic mechanism that does the work of innumerable men in action. In a locality when no disturbance to the peace has occurred for years, the location of the police station may not be in the popular mind. But the years of law and order of the locality owe themselves to the physical existence of that station. When fresh supply of modern arms arrives, no one may be talking to anyone else of such arrival explicitly, but in every mind it instils the sense of security.
  • Organisations can soften the rudeness of existence into Cultured civilised peace.
  • Mind is pre-eminently an organiser.

In its own plane it organises ideas.

In the vital plane, it organises energy into power.

In the physical plane, it organises physical energy into ordered movement whose climax is skill.

Physical power organised is strength.

Mental energy organised into formulas is clarity.

Vital energy organised in the Mental plane is decision, in the physical plane is skill maturing into capacity.

Mind is an organiser.

Mind alone organises.

Wherever there is organisation, there is Mind.

Mind is thought which is itself organised information and opinion.

In organising, Mind integrates with its organisation vital energy and physical prowess.

178) Sakuni, the uncle of Duryodhana, is the symbol of negative No. 3.

No. 3 is a faculty that can accomplish unfailingly.

Such a faculty can be acquired positively or negatively.

Sakuni is a character in the "Mahabharata".

He was an evil genius. It was he who defeated the Pandavas in a game of dice.

Mythology says he had won a boon that his throws would give him the figure he wanted.

In terms of the principle of No. 3, one who fully understands its construction and constitution will have the power that is knowledge, knowledge that is power.

Fully means in the gross, subtle, causal planes.

It can be stated as in the three dimension of Time.

We can add that in all the four planes of body, vital, mind and spirit, Fullness is unfailing success.

Negative or positive, the principle is the same.

Sakuni is a negative character.

His capacity is negative.

To a positive character, that capacity is positive.

Even nuclear energy has a negative and positive use.

No. 3 is neutral.

Its powers are neutral.

Man lends character to his actions.

This is an argument for Man to acquire the unfailing method of success.

No other number has such a total capacity that would never fail.

Being a level of Mind in the physical, it is devoid of emotions.

In the absence of emotions, its chances of failure are nil.

This can be looked at from each of the levels 1 to 9.

That will complete our knowledge.

No. 3 is the matured mental version of No. 7.

No. 3 is the matured physical version of No. 6 and No. 9.

No. 7 is a single skill.

No. 3 is the essence of all skills collected as capacity.

Beyond its being a capacity, it is also eminently an organisation.

No. 3 is physical.

Therefore it is the higher version of No. 9.

No. 9 is inert living matter.

No. 3 is organised living substance.

No. 6 is passion.

No. 3 is passionately determined to accomplish.

It is next to No. 4.

Therefore it is the mentalised version of No. 4.

No. 4 is cunning, the primal intelligence.

No. 3 is primal intelligence organised.

179) No. 3 is seen personally in men. In organisations and systems, we see it impersonally.

Man retains facts in his memory.

An office makes a register its memory.

The memory of the computer is phenomenal.

When Brezhnev came to India, he said the Russians were teaching the machines to think.

All that the human mind is now capable of, an organisation can take over.

No. 3 is an organiser. Mainly it converts thoughts into decisions.

Later the decisions become determinations.

Simple rules in an organisation make automatically simple decisions.

What in small companies are decided personally by the CEO, in bigger companies are handled by systems. There the systems are inviolate.

As the complexity of the organisation grows, even complex decisions are left to the systems.

Man is yet to create organisations that create systems suited to occasions automatically.

The more impersonal an organisation is, the more efficient it is.

Partly the efficiency rises from its impartiality.

In an impersonal organisation, human intrigues will not find a play.

Man refuses to let the machines make the decisions mainly because he does not want to part with the power of decision-making.

                        A system eliminates the human ego;

                        No system has the distinction of being endowed with an ego.

In governments, multinational corporations, international organisations, the most complex of decisions when made will be found to be what the system could have made.

All the adjustment man makes in varying situations, machines are taught to make, as when an unmanned plane flies from one destination to another.

In finding the shortest route from one place to another, a better decision is made by a system than the human brain.

  • Systems are foolproof.
  • Organisations are foolproof.
  • Man is foolish enough not to allow himself to be replaced by systems.
  • If No. 3 is computerised, it can have two opposite effects:
  • 1) Life will advance now to 3000 A.D.
  • 2) A vast number of jobs will disappear.

180) One who successfully executes a project such as a university or production of a film is in No. 3. All army generals are there.

All great accomplishments are mental, whether they are the establishment of a kingdom or founding a university. In the 20th century the USA had 800 universities, most of which were privately founded. In the first 70 years of that century, India had 27 universities of which only three were privately funded.

No. 3 is the seat of accomplishment.

Primarily it is an organiser capable of decision and determination.

An army general receives his commission from the government.

A film producer is a self-appointed chief.

To an army general, every situation is new and unpredictable.

To the film producer, it is equally so, but the weight is insignificant compared to the general's.

In terms of dexterity, novelty, subtlety, the film producer handles a more complex circumstance.

The weight of the general is physical. To the film producer, it is social, psychological. In that sense, both may be equal.

Accomplishment implies rising above the circumstances in spite of what they are and getting the better of them.

Accomplishment is organisation.

Organisation of one type of forces - productive forces - is primary organisation.

Film production requires complex organisation of various types of forces, often conflicting forces to produce the intended result.

The work of a founder of a university may be comparatively easy, but it is on the mental plane.

To do the same work at a higher level, the personality should rise to that level.

Walking on the ground, on the roof of a train, outside a space shuttle are all walking, but in different planes.

No. 3 is a consummate achiever.

Decisions are not easily made.

Quick decisions can be made only when the WILL is on the alert.

All decisions of the general are quick decisions.

The founder of a university is to make mature decisions.

The film producer or director is to make complex decisions that should smoothly complement the other decisions.

If the world is what it is today, it is the work of No. 3.

Government leaders are those under whom army generals work.

These leaders take decisions that determine the future of an army of film producers.

They take the decisions that suit them and others are to accommodate with them.

They are summary decisions.

Summary decisions make for a brute administration.

Decisions taken to serve the interests of those who are affected are comprehensive decisions. It makes the leader wise and mature.


story | by Dr. Radut