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Human Consciousness: Level 1

154)     No. 1, as every other part, extends horizontally and vertically.

            Movement of energy is in all 360º all the time. 

            Vertical and horizontal are only two of the possible directions.

For No. 1 vertical movement is to No. 4 and to No. 7.

Horizontal movement is to No.2 and to No.3.

In the Society we know every aspect influences every other aspect of life.

While education spreads we find domestic servants, garbage collectors also raise their level of education.

As plastic becomes popular, books are given a plastic cover.

The principle here is all aspects of the society are of the same material and there is a constant interchange taking place as an unseen substratum.

Nylon was discovered as a synthetic product; now it is largely replacing cotton as dress material.

Electricity which was originally thought of as light later came to replace steam in the railways.

Internet is a new find.

We see it is invading all walks of life and work.

It means all walks of life are of the same substance.

No. 7 is the seat of physical skill and capacity.

Skill matures into capacity.

No. 7 is the mental part of the body.

No. 7 is capable of organising physical energy into physical skills.

No. 1 is the seat of concept - thinking.

A carpenter making a stool is expressing a physical skill.

No. 1 can give him the concept of a long bench or a cupboard.

Carpentry is the basic skill.

No. 1 conceives of a cupboard.

For a carpenter who makes a stool, he will be making stools all his life.

Conception is not his forte.

Should No. 1 develop in him it can conceive of various furniture.

One who makes the stool rising in his ability to make a cupboard, first conceiving of it is thus raised by the birth of his mental faculty - No.1.

No. 1 can influence No.3.

No.3 is the organiser.

He who is a successful organiser of local elections, by increasing his strength can become more successful locally.

One who has organised his campaign through posters cannot be effective in organising a press campaign.

There the CONCEPT changes.

No.3, though of the Mind, is incapable of conceptions.

It is No. 1 that can conceive of a Press Campaign.

No.3, fortified by No.1, can raise its efficacy.

Thus No.1 grows horizontally to No.3.

No.1 can similarly act on No. 2 by making the Poet write new coinages of finer metaphors.           

 155)     No.1 splits into positive conception and negative destruction of conception.

            In the whole of our world each concept has its opposite e.g. Light x Darkness.

            One cannot find a concept without an opposite.

            A positive concept of No. 1 is at once faced by a negative concept.

There is a small, but essential difference between a negative destruction of conception and a negative concept.

If Good is a concept, bad is a concept that destroys it.

Abolition is the opposite of creation.

By itself it is a concept of destruction or dissolution like Nirvana.

The Supermind split into comprehending and apprehending Supermind.

It is a process of objectifying, presenting what we are inwardly outside.

Creation was made possible by this first step of objectification.

This is the first division, the parent of all subsequent divisions.

This process never ends.

Positive and negative are one such division.

Surface and depth, called consciousness and substance is another such division.

Every human concept is graded as high or low.

Nothing is put in place without its being put on a scale or class or both.

No word in the language is exempt from one classification or another.

The scheme of 1 to 9 admits of several, in fact endless further divisions.

These 9 levels can be raised to 1024 or even more.

Our enquiry into Social Development being simple and elementary we rarely go beyond 9 levels.

Carrying these levels to positive and negative they at once become 18 levels.

Add high and low, the 18 change into 36.

Bring in light and darkness, it is 72.

Surface and depth is consciousness and substance.

We can consider them the same or different.

So the 72 can thus become 144 and then 288.

Considering them in terms of Silence and Sound, it is 576.

The 12 aspects of the Spirit can thus be brought into the configuration.

So the 576 can successively become 1152, 3304, 6608, 13216, etc.

It is not necessary to do all these things, but we must know they are on the agenda.

From the naked eye to the lenses, to a more powerful lenses man has moved to the microscope, binoculars, telescope, electron microscope, etc.

Today he is photographing a star 150 times bigger than the sun exploding.

The common man can know such developments, but is not directly related to it unless their application touches his life through a product.

The Infinite divides itself till it becomes an infinitesimal. So we have endless divisions in this formula too.

156)     Sclence of No. 1 is mental Science.

            No. 1 confines itself to conceptualisation.

Science can use No. 1 with vast benefit.

To confine Science to No. 1 and to conceptualisation is not indispensable.

Science is of life.

It accomplishes in the gross material plane. We call it the physical plane.

Beyond conceptualisation is the energy of vitality.

That energy is necessary for accomplishment.

To confine Science to No. 1 of conceptualisation is to mutilate it by making it partial.

Conceptualisation is essential for science.

Sitting in the bath tub, Archimedes felt upbuoyed.

It was a sensation.

That sensation contains all the knowledge of his ‘Eureka'.

But that knowledge is not mentalised, much less conceptualised.

The role of life between Mind and body is to catch hold of the physical sensation, energise it and carry it to the mind where it is converted into thought, and becomes capable of controlling the body.

Mind controlling the body is a process of civilisation.

The role of conceptualisation in Science is vast.

The process of commercialisation needs conceptualisation.

The principle of photograph to be useful needs the construction of a camera.

Camera is not a mental conceptualisation of a thought.

It is a material concept of an instrument that makes the principle of photography produce a picture.

A new drug is discovered.

It is found to be potent and effective.

Now, it needs to be administered in several doses.

The dosage depends upon the strength and age of the disease.

It is determined by the age of the patient.

It has to be decided in terms of eating the food.

Maybe some food items are to be prohibited.

We understand all these as the procedures of treatment. It is right.

Such procedures have to be conceived as a thought that will make the healing qualities of the drug express themselves as cure in the body of the patient.

It is not a pure mental concept.

It is a mental concept that pictures before itself the power of the drug spreading over the destructive power of the disease as cure.

Mentalisation is part of conceptualisation even as verbalisation is a part of speech or thought.

Science to be effective, especially without the harmful side effects of destructive pollution, cannot be confined to No.1.

Science confined to Mind becomes a theory, not practice.

Science is knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

To acquire power, Science must leave the domain of the mind and travel to the regions of the vital and the physical.

157)     No.1, as every other part, can have an indirect effect on all others between 2 and 9.

We know some diseases are contagious and there are others that are infectious. We do not yet know that all  vibrations and earth are infectious and contagious.

Not that Man has not seen that phenomenon yet, but it has not become a reality in his life or thought.

The European plague came to India in 1910.

The Great Depression of 1929 has touched every part of the world.

America did not consider she had anything to do with the World War.

She was cured of her indifference by Pearl Harbour.

The French Revolution did not confine itself to its own borders.

Nor could the Russian Revolution be contained to the USSR.

The mental inspiration of the Greeks reached Rome.

The influence of Rome became a Roman Empire.

The very inspiration of the Greeks came from India by contact of thought even before war brought them to the Indian borders.

The British biologist Sheldrake has been conducting experiments on monkeys on an island and found the monkeys on another island a hundred miles away were touched by the new learning in the monkeys in the first island.

One can be touched even by refusal, as Darcy who called Elizabeth tolerable was later fascinated by her fine eyes.

No. 1 affects all parts up to No. 9.

The effect can be slight or indirect but the effect will be there.

No. 1 emanates pure thought.

Its effect on another part is on its mentalised portion.

No. 1 affecting a hero in No.5 gives him a better idea to fight.

Thought on a part works in various ways.

The mental vibration reaching No. 5, tells him where to attack the enemy effectively.

It exposes the vulnerable points of the enemy in greater detail.

It gives the right strategy to launch an attack or lie in wait.

It can reveal his own weak spots by alerting him to that source.

Time is crucial in an attack.

It can come to him as knowledge of the right time ripe for attack.

Sometimes it can be a knowledge to keep quiet for some time so that the enemy may exhaust himself.

The Germans advancing into Paris found it undefended.

The Germans found it as a trap and withdrew.

No. 1 moving into action in the French army can act not on them but on their enemies giving them a doubt.

Doubt is a mental knowledge.

No. 1 affects No. 2 as poetic inspiration, No. 3 as a concept of organization, No. 4 as a thought that alerts, No.6 as a guide for its passion, No. 7 as the collection of essence of skill into capacity, No. 8 as a less sensational movement and No. 9 as the birth of sensations.

158)     No. 1 makes the sentiment of No. 2 material fit for poetry.

Among other less important things, No. 2 is preeminently the seat of the poet.

Poetry is thought matured in prose defying its grammatical structure.

Thought matures by experience in the physical plane.

That which matured in experience must again mature in enjoyment.

It is the maturity of the vital.

It is the overflowing vital energy that undergoes the physical experience again in its plane.

Physical experience and vital enjoyment can be one more dimension of mental thought.

Mental thought becomes will by organising it as a decision.

A decision will execute itself as accomplishment, but cannot flower as poetry.

To become poetry the will of the Mind must relent by relaxation so that the thought imprisoned in the organisation releases and flowers in sentiment.

Thus it is on its onward journey to No. 1 to become a concept.

We thus find poetry is the in-between stage of decision of No. 3 and concept of No.1.

The process of a decision maturing into a concept is poetic.

In a thought there are germs of concepts.

They will be organised to become a decision.

Each thought has a part of ideal emotion organised into sentiment.

Sentiment is intense emotion endorsed by thought making it an emotional ideal.

Patriotism was such an emotional ideal.

Honour of one for which he is ready to die is another.

Its least expression is self-respect and self-esteem.

Scientific emotion can become a scientific passion.

It is rare.

As in Edison it can become a passion of practical achievement.

Prose becomes poetry when the richness of thought by its weighty existence breaks the formal rules of prose -- its grammar.

Thought becoming an emotion is a backward process.

In the descent it can be a forward process.

Here moving from No. 3 to No. 2, it is a forward process.

From No.1 to No.2 it is a backward process.

In the total perception of the evolution both the forward as well as backward processes are movements of progress.

Grammar defied is language profaned as it slides to become broken and slang.

Grammar defied by the inwardly collecting richness of thought and emotion is poetry.

 159)     No. 1's direct effect on No. 3 is to organise better so that the decision can become determination.

 Decision and determination belong to No.3 in consciousness and substance.

No. 3

 Consciousness                         Decision

  (surface)_____             _________________

Substance                            Determination


Decision becomes determination by acquiring strength.

Man needs knowledge to accept strength.

No. 1 has conceptual knowledge.

All knowledge is not conceptual knowledge.

Knowledge lies in various levels.

Facts - information - thought - idea - concept - Real Idea are the various stages of knowledge.

Knowledge in any shape can help a decision to become determination.

When decision is ripe to become determination, one simple fact that is missing can bring about that change.

No. 1 has concepts.

The essential difference between decision and determination is the strength of execution.

The concept of the French Revolution is that the foundation of human progress is equality.

It also conceived that equality should be preceded by an atmosphere of liberty.

It further explains that it is the fraternal feeling that enables equality and achieves the goals of the French Revolution.

The Decision of the wave of unrest became the determination of the actual Revolution by a concept that equality is necessary for the progress of humanity.

A person in middle age endowed with a decision to acquire a further degree finds it changing into determination when he learns of the concept, "Education is a tool of human improvement".

No.1 acts on all the numbers from 2 to 9 in all its aspects, but here in decision changing into determination any concept, if directly found useful, can play its part.

Decision is an organisation of thought for action.

Determination is an organisation of will for ensuring execution.

Decision is more of a Will.

Determination is more of an action, an action of the Mind.

Decision maturing into Determination consumes a vast quantity of mental energy.

160)     No.1's effect on any other part helps move one level, as No. 5 will move to No.4.

Height acts as a goal.

In a democracy the post of the President of the nation is a silent constant inspiration for every one to aspire.

In practice he moves one step in his profession or his social situation.

No.1 is the seat of concept.

Most people are not mental, not capable of conceptualisation.

The British in India during the 18th and 19th centuries were struck by the fact that the common man in India talked philosophy.

It is not peculiar to India. It is common to all cultures.

A Christian or a Muslim tries his best to understand his own life in terms of his religion.

Every country has its religion or faith or philosophy.

Because such a thing is there, everyone, after a fashion, tries to get at it.

It results not in his becoming philosophical, but his Mind becomes clearer than what it was.

He moves a little from his position.

That is made possible because there exists a height, a goal at the height.

The above statement is a version of this phenomenon.

Presently in the world, especially in the West, the place of philosophy is usurped by Science, to be precise, by a scientific approach to issues.

Each time there is an important event in one's life or in general life, Man thinks about how he is affected.

He evaluates the situation in terms of survival.

A couple of centuries ago Man lost his head for simple crimes.

Even today language retains that experience in the phrase, "Am I to lose my head".

The Man who has moved from mere physicality to vitality asks himself in the same situation, "Will I become bankrupt?"

Certainly Man, in this respect has not yet moved to the mental plane.

Losing the head and becoming bankrupt are negative concepts.

He does not yet say "Am I offered the Presidency?" or "Will I become a millionaire overnight?"

The subconscious of the society is still saturated with negative experiences.

Whether it is survival, death, bankruptcy, negative or positive, it is all mentalisation at the level he is.

It is the effect of No.1 on the Man wherever he is.

At all levels of human existence, a version of Mind is acting.

It acts to pull him up.

It pulls him up to the extent he is awake and active.

One in No.5 may, as a result of this mental effort, move to No.4.

To understand No.1 to No.9 is to know Man individually as well as socially.

story | by Dr. Radut