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445. Human Conception of God

Man knows God is all powerful and therefore expects HIM to fulfill all his wishes.  He never thinks there is another side to it.  Midas asked of God a boon that whatever he touches should turn into gold.  It resulted in his daughter becoming a golden statue.  Rights involve duties.  To insist on asking for the ‘right' unmindful of the consequences is man's swabhava.  God granted a miser's  prayer on condition that his neighbour will get double of it.  Mother's devotees have seen that whatever they ask for, She grants.  SHE once said that "Man" can ask her for anything.  When we have 23 prayers we see 22 are answered.  We don't mind about the one missing prayer.  Sometime later we notice that that particular prayer is never answered.  It is baffling.

As long as our needs are genuine, sincere, what we need, what we have aspired for long, they all get sanctioned.  There are occasions where we assert our ego, or self opinionated, or ask for something Mother has not approved of.  That prayer never is answered unless we shed our ego, remove the inner obstacles or realise our prayer is directly against Mother's expressed wishes.  A simple question, after the above explanation, constantly arises in the Mind.  "I am a devotee of Mother. My prayers are answered, but not this. I melt before HER in asking for this. Nothing moves. Is it Mother's Power is limited?".  Sri Aurobindo has answered this question.

In his little book "The Mother",  he lists 14 ways in which Man practises self deception.  The very first condition HE says is that the Grace acts on its own conditions, conditions of truth, not according to the demands of the human Mind which is false.  To us our falsehood appears as Truth.  We take our desires as our wants.  Duties go before rights, we simply ignore then.  It never strikes us.  Only that we know our prayer is not answered.  Surely it will be answered when you cease to be irrational and not assert your ego.  I know boys who have not at all prepared well for the exam disappointed when they fail.  It is understandable to some extent.  How about boys who have not appeared for the examination disappointed at failure.  That is a common mental trait.


 Para 1 - Line 1 - fulfil -


Para 1 - Line 1 - fulfil - fulfill
Para 1 - Line 3 - involves - involve
Para 2 - Line 1 - geniune - genuine
Para 2 - Line 5 - Mother. - Mother".
Para 3 - Line 2 - the  Grace - that the Grace

K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut