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472. Higher Consciousness

The successful animal has a lower consciousness than an ordinary man, as his is human consciousness. Divine consciousness is higher consciousness. Human consciousness is lower consciousness as against the divine consciousness. Evil consciousness is lower than good consciousness. Variations in human existence are without an end. When people take to this Force, they suddenly discover that prayers so far unanswered are answered. The usual experience is all but one out of ten or twenty five prayers will be answered. That one will have a block in one's temperament or character. A few discover that ALL their prayers are answered, as they try to understand their problems from Mother's point of view.

Around them a group of people gathers, as anyone coming to them with a problem finds it solved. They become popular, happy, expansive and their lives blossom. Such people can either be selfish or selfless. Even selfless people, beyond a certain limit, tend to become selfish. The success continues but will turn into selfish success. Their selfishness or selflessness can also be conscious or unconscious. Once they lose their selfless attitude and cross into selfishness, their highly successful life becomes one of low consciousness as it is centred in selfishness. They cannot discover it, as they are unconscious. In that case, the problems they solve in others' lives will slowly begin to appear in their own lives and will defy solution.

Such a low consciousness will enter into us through one of the selfish values. Some of them are secrecy, inability to give in, pride in being a devotee of Mother, pride in accomplishment. The process of human development is subtle, imperceptible and complex. No amount of prayer or offering or service will solve problems thus generated. Sincerity will remove the problem instantaneously. To know one is selfish and acknowledge it fully requires a sincerity that is rare. A keen inner observation will show at that point we have moved away from Mother to our own Ego.

story | by Dr. Radut