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Greatness Genius Great Success



  • One does not become a ruler of a nation without being a great warrior or a leader, but often his next generation at home or in the party gets to inherit that privilege.
  • As civilisation advances, such an inheritance changes its hue and arrives at a point where every citizen inherits the endowments of his society. That also becomes an index to a nation's civilisation.
  • The inheritance is in the shape of property, title, status, character, and so on.
  • Man inherits the natural resources of the soil on which he is born.
  • It is known that men are unconscious, that they are not fully conscious or even capable of refusing such inheritance.
  • The simple subtle spiritual fact today is that, as men inherited simple tools in the beginning of civilisation, far greater things are inherited today all over the world either as finished results or potentials or possibilities.
  • Sri Aurobindo had asked the Supreme the greatest boon that can ever be asked for a wider field than humanity, the earth. It was granted. Long ago, He beckoned to us to avail of that Boon and evolve as Supramental beings.
  • In a country such as the USA, the citizen inherits an atmosphere of scientific thinking, practical organisation and a spirit of inquiry into the material possibility of the environment. These men inherit the atmosphere of Great Success, if not success.
  • Men are not only born great, but greatness is sometimes thrust on them.
  • The young scientist or technician of today could not have hoped for the same success a hundred years ago. Maybe he would not have become either a scientist or technician had he been born in the last century.
  • Greatness and genius are not only forces men put out from inside, but are made possible by the social atmosphere. Social atmosphere, technological infrastructure, expansive psychological environment and a spiritually sensitive subtle atmosphere of appreciation are in abundance in varying degrees in different climates.
  • I venture to say that one who had success in running a family in the 15th century, can today found a multinational corporation.
  • The mental effort that enabled one to write a treatise on any subject in the 2nd century is enough to make him a genius today.
  • One who wants to be great today and attain world fame needs to take the same effort as was necessary to become a local chieftain in prehistoric times.
  • With the advent of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, with the descent of the Supramental Force in 1956 and its organising itself into individual consciousness in 1969 - and we do not know what more happened after that - we witness the phenomenon of great results for small efforts. As we are receiving it in our minds, it is accompanied by great disasters for small errors.
  • Moving away from the mind in the surface consciousness and taking the greatest possible effort in

- the mind, one has, especially children have, all the possibilities of becoming geniuses.

- The Being will make him great.

- Any part of the Being will bring him great success.

  • By virtue of the birth of democracy, recognition of human value, expanding information, emergence of sophisticated instruments that express the latest knowledge, of conquering Time and Space and particularly by virtue of the active Spiritual Force present in the earth's atmosphere, man is out to accomplish more than what he is equipped for.
  • He is invited to inherit Greatness, Genius, Great Success and Great wealth when he recognizes his parentage.

- To know Mother is a rare lucky privilege.

- To be able to see Her as one's spiritual parent is to be reborn into all possible greatness.

- Man has too, the privilege of the Taste of Ignorance.

- Sri Aurobindo says The Mother leads men according to their wisdom or allows them to perish as their Ignorance insists.

story | by Dr. Radut