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Greatness Efficiency Wisdom


  • Greatness is above, efficiency is below. Wisdom is the efficiency of the great or the greatness of the efficient.
  • The scientist discovers, the engineer designs, the businessperson produces, the technician operates and the mechanic repairs.
  • The rishi realises the spirit, the plough man produces food, the king rules, and the citizen pays the taxes.
  • Narada in heaven is the greatest of devotees. The householder is reminded of Narayana by his distress. When Narada expected Narayana to declare that he is the greatest bhakta, Narayana chose the farmer in the field who chants his name nonstop.
  • The Self, the Purusha and the Ishwara are of the Self-Conscious Being. Their powers are Maya, Prakriti and Shakthi. Tradition says that one is different from the other. Sri Aurobindo says there exists a unity between the two.
  • The Prakriti has the Purusha in its core as the Psychic Being which unites Purusha and Prakriti.
  • Nehru was in the higher hierarchies in the society, party and government and was incapable of knowing the poor, the volunteer and the last grade worker. Kamaraj knew the poor as he was poor. Gandhiji ruled the hearts of the masses as he knew the lowest while being at the helm.
  • Einstein and Newton were great scientists, but Edison rose to be the greatest scientist from being a worker.
  • The efficient householder is the goal for all citizens. To realise the spirit as Viswamitra realised, is the goal of all rishis and religious people.
  • Sri Aurobindo enjoins on his disciples to realise the Brahman in life here in the fourth dimension so that it would combine the realisation of the rishi and the householder at its divine height in the simplicity of domestic life.

Profound Simplicity is the aim.

story | by Dr. Radut