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February 3, 1991


   It is Grace that sustains the world to the last detail of how much sugar you add to your coffee. Nothing moves without Him. Still there is a difference in His governance.

   The universe is held together by causality which in India is known as karma. When the Grace acts it acts either on the collectivity or on the individual or as it chooses the individual's future. Acting on the collectivity, Grace works through causality, i.e. it allows the individual to progress through his karma. Within the ambit of his karma, the karma decides. Outside Grace holds things together. That which sustains karma is also Grace.

   Acting on the Individual, it chooses to wipe off his karma and let him progress according to his endowments. As the opportunity is a major one or the one major determinant, Grace places in his path THAT opportunity to which the individual would have come after working out his karma. Now that he has crossed karma and met the opportunities that he would have arrived at, at the end of the karmic rule, he is free to exercise his endowments in the pursuit of his progress.

   Beyond this there is Super-Grace. As Grace on the individual eliminated karma and left him free to exercise his talents, Super-Grace eliminates the need of his exercising his talents and places before him the very opportunities at which he would have arrived, having endeavoured through his endowments. Super-Grace places before MAN the results of his endeavour without his exercising his endowments. Here he is left face to face with the FINAL opportunities. All that he has to do is to exercise his attitudes to accept these opportunities. Mother says here MAN must be silent and fall on his knees to accept these end products.

   Coming to Mother, one overcomes his karma, accepting HER in his works and in his inner attitudes, Man attracts Super-Grace. He is left with his personality only which should not push away Super-Grace through his opinions, preferences, stubbornness, doubts etc.

   If you review your life ever since you came to Mother, all these will be evident. To attract individual Grace, one must remember Mother in his works, i.e. call HER before the commencement of his works. To let Super-Grace act on him, he must call Mother before his motivations raise their heads. Reviewing every single opportunity ever since you came to Mother, you will learn how to attract Grace or Super-Grace.

story | by Dr. Radut