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  • Unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Power and Love are the six fronts Nature is working on to fulfill her aim; the above six representing Sat, Chit and Ananda.
  • Truth and Knowledge acting together or the knowledge of Truth is Goodness. It is Self-existent, and belongs to the cosmic planes of the higher hemisphere.
  • What we know to be good belongs to the lower hemisphere of ignorance and is the opposite of evil, not pure goodness.
  • We speak of good men who do not affirm their evil, but affirm their goodness, which can never be perfect. These men are good because they are, but never try to be good, which will make them egoistic, if not evil.
  • What is the role or duty of man in being a man outside the duties to his family, to secure its wants and to the society in conforming to its codes?
  • Should he endeavour to be good? If so, to what extent can he do so rightly? Theoretically, this applies to the other five aspects mentioned above. What should the view or practice of a sadhak be?
  • In Sri Aurobindo's view, the world is a Marvel for one who is outside his ego. If man sees injustice, suffering, evil, and so on, it is seen only by his ego. His duty then lies in outgrowing his ego. Should he do so, what was in his view evil, suffering, and so on will change into good and pleasure, leaving no problem to solve.
  • In the measure that he is evolved, he is capable of some good, not good which can go to relieve the evil others are suffering.
  • In that case, such a person needing that service will be within the periphery of his personality making him duty bound to help him. It is generosity to act within that limit, taking initiative, and that will be goodness.
  • He would be able to consecrate such an initiative and looking back long after, that act would not have wrong side effects.
  • In true cases, such an initiative would have helped the other to overcome his own innate evil tendencies.

story | by Dr. Radut