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  Report No.: Y13

September 11, 1978

  • Frustration is the defeat of our own unconscious falsehood. Often the standard one sets oneself will be one of degree not of essence (e.g. we get frustrated by our employees hiding facts from us. Feel it is outrageous. This is not a conflict of our truth with his falsehood. At a higher level of life, we consider hiding facts from others as necessary, duty and right. Both the employee and employer are false in essence whereas the degree of falsehood is different. This is what I call falsehood at a higher level of which one is mostly not conscious. Purity on our part is self revealing and cleansing and is educative. Frustration issues when we set double standard. Frustration is (the helplessness or) the defeat of subconscious falsehood. Here too frustration rears its head only when some awareness dawns. Before the awareness of one's own subconscious falsehood dawns such a defeat generates anger or hostility that is dynamic. Frustration is a stage ahead from active hostility.

When pure Truth is defeated it results in sadness at higher levels and pain at lower levels never frustration.

  • The development force in the Society:

Man has good and bad sides. According to the circumstance either comes out. India that was torn by parochial wrangles, stood as one man when Pakistan attacked her. In Holland, during war times, everyone helps every other. That is, environment is a deciding factor in shaping the individual. This has a limit. When all people act in a good way, still a few can choose to be bad. Even these people in better circumstances may choose to be good. The external (from society, family, a powerful colleague or friend) pressure must be great enough for the individual to hide his wrong side and put out his best part.

Today in India or even all over the world, it is my opinion that this general base of social atmosphere, that can help the individual to bring forth his good side under the beneficial direction of the society or his employer, is there.

How to bring it about in fact is a procedure to be worked out in each country or locality or community.

  • Disparities stimulate growth within the same plane. Outside, i.e. two members each in a different plane, the disparities generate hostility.

Strategy for development should be to bring the entire population within one plane of economic life and keep up disparities within the plane alive so that the differential will be a stimulant.

  • Israel is tantalized. The brain workers have to come down to apply the brain to the soil. Similarly, the deep attachment must now be shifted to all humanity. Had they not settled down in a desert they would have not come down to agriculture. Nature forces the desired course. To finally solve the problem we have to anticipate the desired course of action and take initiative to shift from the (tantalizing) attachment to the self to the service of the all. To implement this principle, the strategy should be the unleashing of economic, educational forces that compel the Israelites to serve the Arabs and the world.
  • Education: What is ideological or idealistic in one century becomes common culture in later centuries. This is achieved by state education and self-enlightenment.
  • Significance of journal Information - education - appreciation -

Graded levels of service       enthusiasm - (vital consent) - urge -
movement and accomplishment - Absorption by Society as one of its values - Popular idea - Fashion - FAD

The journal begins with what culminates in fashion. The idea and idealistic parts are started from above. The utilitarian, practical, realistic parts come from below. Either, by itself, is ineffective or severely mutilated. World Bank starts from below. ICIDI Journal must start from above. ICIDI must fully see, understand the details of social, psychological mechanism at each level of its dynamics. Necessity pushes from below. Vision leads from above. Leaders of thought and action have a role to combine the need and vision in idealistic formulations of thought and programmes at the middle level.

Our Yoga, i.e. work, is a miniature of this process. When we see this in ourselves we will be able to put it across to the world.

  • "Self financing and sponsorship are economically abnormal systems of financing production and goods and services that potentially possess economic value to people other than the procedures" - Britannica.

Developed Nations: I Stage of Growth: For one's own self interest only.

(I) Man increases his mastery over environment, subdues nature, increases comfort and convenience by technology. (II) Lower stratum of society by demanding higher and higher wages shares the benefits of technology created by the cream of society. (III) The same is to be extended to the poor of other nations. Now as the poor of the nation are integrated into the society, the poor of the world would be integrated into the present society.

Each further stage will be marked by a certain enrichment of culture of the top (and other) levels viz. In the 1st stage, it will be material comfort and in the 2nd stage it will be cultural educational accomplishment and when the 3rd stage is completed (the people in the top level who created the 1st stage) will move to the accomplishment of a higher ideal like world unity or world Govt.

story | by Dr. Radut