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Formula by which Man Lives


October  5, 2001

  • Decision, choice, skill, efficiency, enjoyment, ideal, opinion, attitude, motive, survival, progress are all combined subconsciously into a FORMULA by which he exists today.
  • That formula is to derive the maximum possible pleasure at every given moment.
  • He subordinates to this goal his entire personality, all his values, risks all his possessions, defends all his decisions, and sees every drop of his energy is fully directed to this purpose.
  • It is true that his personality emerges at all these points or is fully exercised here, but there are two things that stand out:

1. His choice;

2. The Decision of the Moment.

  • A man's goal may be varied, such as to be a good soul, to reach heaven, to serve his family, to be acutely selfish or some other thing.
  • His path to that goal can very well be explained from the points of view of his choice and decision.
  • My goal for man is a life in Mother where there is abundance on a base of rich enjoyable psychological security of Peace.
  • I always describe this as the lower end of yoga.
  • If man has a formula, can we discover a formula for this goal?
  • Man knows the formula fully already. Only that he should seek this goal. He may not believe in its possibility. That can be convincingly explained. And then he should bring himself to enjoy a life of truth as he now passionately loves his present life which is one of no Truth, perhaps one of falsehood.
  • As Truth has descended on earth fifty years ago and the gap between man and Truth is narrowing, instead of waiting for centuries for that gap to close, those who are conscious of this Force can, in their own lives, close the gap and be the pioneers of a higher life.
  • Any hesitation is only LOVE of the LOW consciousness one is in.

story | by Dr. Radut