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  • Fear is a perversion of the will. It is an active vibration opposing the will and actively destroys the creation and existence of any idea, thought or activity at the level it exists. 
  • Fear cannot exist when one has united with his soul, as fear disappears when there is no ‘other’. 
  • Fear is more of a nervous sensation than an emotion. The vibration of fear and terror are ingrained in the nerves. The fear in the nerves stirs up the stomach and spreads down below. 
  • Fear in the mind is a fear of the understanding which makes the person faint. It spreads to the nerves and often gives shocks to the system. 
  • Physical fear is inherited from the animal life. 
  • To be human, mental or nervous fears should not be there. When physical (subconscious) fear is eliminated, Yoga is possible. 
  • A mild fear generates confusion; a great fear destroys creativity; a greater fear results in hatred or repulsion when suppressed. 
  • Fear is the one emotion that cannot be a medium to approach the Divine Consciousness. 
    Absence of fear instantaneously generates constant useful activities. A fearless person cannot be dull or lazy. 
  • Whatever the mental or other capacities of a man, the presence of fear in him will definitely cancel the final success of his projects. 
  • Any perfection at any level requires the abolition of fear at that level. 
  • The available enjoyment at any moment is brought down by fear. 
  • Fear can hide itself behind over-eating, artificial emotional relationships, over-indulgence in sex, or espousing non-existent emotions or ideals. 
  • Fear attracts accidents and violence. In very strong characters, it will generate these things. 
  • Fear in the nerves and dryness of the heart go together. Fear causes one to grow thin and wiry. 
  • Love finds it impossible to enter where fear lives. 
  • Fear makes one cling to things and persons and prevents happiness or joy from being felt. 
  • Freedom is more the opposite of fear than courage. 
  • Insistence in behaviour is a sign of fear. Fear seeks possession and destroys free appreciation or enjoyment. The presence of fear is an insurance against growth. 
  • When one part of the personality grows beyond the others, the gap created generates fear, i.e. when the mind makes progress but the emotions do not make the same growth, fear is created. 
  • Fear goes with poverty and ignorance. Freedom goes with plenty. 
  • One man with fear in an organisation can prevent the organisation from prospering since fear is a vibration that would dissolve creation. 
  • Between two fear-ridden people, the relationship will be destructive and happiness will be nil. The way of relating will either be through clinging to each other or great distrust and tension. 
  • The primitive man’s courage before animals and weather is physical courage. The politician has vital courage. 
  • To conceive that the earth goes round the sun requires mental courage. Unless the mind is full of courage, it will give way when ideas that are not prevalent in the present society enter it. 
  • The Spirit itself is full of courage and freedom. Oneness felt as a result of union with our inner Self abolishes all fear. 
  • Knowledge removes the basis of fear.

story | by Dr. Radut