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Faculty of Imagination


October 01,  2001

  • Man is not aware of his mind, but acts from his vital to which mind gives its instructions by a reflex action.
  • To develop the Supermind one must have his mind fully developed.
  • In the world, often at the highest possible levels of thinking, rationality and justice are used as synonyms for self-convenience. In such a world, to think of developing all the faculties of mind to their utmost is moonshine.
  • Mind is capable of sensation, feeling, emotion, observation, memory, recall, thought, judgment, discernment, discrimination, imagination, etc. How many of them do we use?
  • If the lower aspect of imagination is fantasy, its higher aspect is the capacity to conceive of the future realistically.
  • This is a more powerful faculty than thinking.
  • If thinking gathers the thoughts for an organised presentation, imagination can help us realise a future possibility.
  • Imagination helps us gain from experience, capitalise one's endowments, abridge Time, extend Space and allow the personality wideness in growth.
  • One who has called Mother for three days sees the spiritual power that poured into him though he feels only a part.
  • Like every other power, if it is not absorbed into one's personality it is frittered away or leaves one little by little.
  • By exercising the imaginative experience, that power goes to realise what is imagined, especially when it is a real future possibility.
  • One is expected not to mistake fantasy that arises out of a shallow character for imagination which is the rich mental penumbra of life and its creative extensions.

story | by Dr. Radut