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January 31, 2002

  • Man's life rises from the body to the mind and then rises to Spirit.
  • One's experiences too travel along the same path.
  • It is not a clearly successive vertical growth, though verticality is in-built into it. Experience rises in two dimensions of horizontal expansion and vertical growth resulting in a pyramid.
  • Experience is not all at once physical or vital as each is inclusive of other planes.
  • The vital experience has a physical basis and as it thinks mind enters there.
  • It is complex, a complexity gathering its structure in a complex fashion. Still let us consider only its vertical path.
  • Experience can be seen as outer and inner.
  • The physical is outer, mental is inner.
  • Our theme is a very long experience of the outer life can be had in a very short time in the inner life.
  • This rule cannot be made absolute, as the best of inner experiences for its perfection needs at least a token outer work.
  • Suppose a man wishes to achieve at a higher level in his business or profession or even his ideal, how can he acquire it inwardly?
  • As long as one has the discrimination to avoid fantasy and not mistake it to be inner experience, he can achieve it.
  • In whatever line he is, there is some work experience in the outer world. He who desires inner experience should first fully draw ALL the inner lessons he can from his outer experience until then.
  • For the goal he has in his mind, he must draw up a rational plan with a time frame.
  • Let us say the time frame based on the present rate of growth is 22 years, our position is it can be reduced to ten percent of that time.
  • Often those who launch on this type of adventure SEE it is not for them.
  • From the field one can find out whether such a goal is ever reached by anyone in the short time he has in mind. Surely there will a few. Even if there is one, then he can certainly do it. It can be done even if no one has done it yet.
  • If the man who has done it has other favourable circumstances, we can at once know that the same benefit he has derived from those circumstances can now be had by him inwardly. That must be done at once.
  • The rational Plan he has drawn up must be fully realised inwardly in his mind and emotions, which means he rightly understands the work and his emotions endorse the work.
  • In the mental execution of his plan, he must ensure the value implementation required for the mental plan.
  • That will turn out to be Silence, Non-expectation and Consecration. One can push it to surrender.
  • It can be seen that it is the surrender of mental impulses.
  • As the impulses are consecrated, they may recur later or disappear. Their disappearance will be accompanied by several distant symptoms that the goal is feasible.
  • Beyond that all that one needs to do is to launch the work and SILENTLY work concentrating on the work itself.
  • The goal is always reached long before the Time fixed for it, though that itself is only ten percent of the period required ordinarily.
  • The look must be inward, concentration on the present with consecration the only method.
  • During the period experience is acquired, the result itself would issue.

story | by Dr. Radut