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Evolution and Growth


April 7, 2006

   Evolution achieves without violence what Revolution seeks through the joy of violence. Revolution bursts out because ONE man leads the masses who accept his inspiration. Everyone comprehending his own revelation, Revolution transforms into evolution.

   The massive power unleashed by evolution is far greater, as it is no longer violent and the power gently and irresistibly issues from every person and every event. It is an hour when the impossible in conception becomes reality in execution. Time then abridges infinity into the infinitesimal.

   At the end of the second World War, society stirred itself into action, dissolved the imperial powers, released the aspiration of freedom in Asian nations, launched reconstruction of the war devastated nations introducing in international life a new element of self-giving. After the demise of the Cold War, initiated by the sincerity of one outstanding leader from inside the communist monolith, waves of prosperity are surging all over the world making computer technology the deliverer.

    We witnessed the miracles of a curse changing into a boon in India and

    China - Population is no longer an incubus, but an element that energises.


If an organization were to realize that

  • the world is on the march out of the ignorance of poverty into the bright knowledge of prosperity;
  • souls in India are blossoming into the joy of living and not merely struggling to survive;
  • business is no mere necessity of life but an active aperture pouring excessive energy of progress all around;
  • journalism is no longer a vehicle of political progress but a live media that nourishes the economic health of an aspiring nation, aspiring to lead the world in the role of a Spiritual Guru;
  • a company when organised not only refuses to die but insists on an accelerated growth for the very joy of expanding energy.

   She would open her eyes wide, hear the clarion call, respond collectively with missionary zeal, climb to the crest of the wave that sweeps and ride to national victory on many fronts while sleeping giants will die a glorious death unable to awaken from the dream of invulnerability and the dynamic professionals beat a hasty retreat to adorn a distant second or third place.

story | by Dr. Radut