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409. Every Gesture Has a Meaning

Those who fidget are nervous. Some people listen wide-eyed and intensely with great interest. They are the ones who can accomplish. In big companies, it is important to recruit the right person. When a wrong man is discovered after several years of service, it causes a problem. The most important 'recruitment' is to select a wife or husband. In our country, still it is done by the parents to a great extent. In the West, for the youth, it is very important. A man's qualities are revealed only when an occasion arises. Often it happens after years. How to recruit the right man in an interview of a few hours?

There is one more problem. Two people of exactly similar qualities can exhibit opposite traits. Is there a solution? If there is one, can we acquire it?  Before that, let us consider its various aspects. Tone, voice, manners, nervousness, physical movements, capacity to sit quiet, smiling face, unsmiling benevolence, twitching of the eyes, mannerisms, calm, quiet, stability, poise, bearing, mien, first reception, type of send-off, hearing, listening, understanding, enthusiasm, energy, will power are expressive of one's personality. Innumerable studies in all these fields have been conducted successfully in the West, even before the World War. There is no study or knowledge or science that embraces all of them in one central category called Personality. Supposing one such science emerges, it can certainly tell you what IS. It is incapable of giving us the knowledge of how to create that Personality and that too, entirely positively.

Spirituality of India has once studied this as a partial science to perfection. There lies hidden a great treasure. It is found in rural India as bits and pieces, just as a pot is broken into smithereens and scattered. Still it is very valuable. Our people do not know its value. The Westerner, especially curious young people will know its full value.  If Western youth live in Indian villages for a couple of years, they would gather a rich harvest. Indian spiritual leaders should give thought to making all of these fields into a single science. More than that, it is necessary to add a new future dimension to that science, if ever it emerges, which is, how that science can help us master life.

story | by Dr. Radut