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461. Eternal Romance

The heart longs for love.  Few of us are endowed with a heart that can go on with its love without a receptivity from the other side.  The passionate youthful sensation man has come to call love is incapable of seeing anything other than the charm in the other person.  When knowledgeable people point out the veritable defects of the other one, the longing refuses to see it.  Or it imagines it has the capacity to overlook such defects in the other.   In such a mental context Romance is sustained, even grows in intensity.  The longing is for an emotional fulfilment that implies purity in the other.  That is true Romance in spirit, rather in the idealism of Spirit, not in the domestic realities of daily life.

Spiritually, he is true, his heart is true, his longing is true.  He assumes perfection in the other from a distance, not knowing, the other is a true spiritual reflection of what he is inside.  Or, the other is the true spiritual complement what is there in his depths.  Closeness discloses flashes of  reality.  In the intensity of his love that cannot wait for a moment for its consummation, he does not think.  He is unable to think.  He acts impulsively, ready to give up his all, whatever that all is.  Occasionally we come across people who after several years of  marriage feel the original intensity of romantic attraction for the other.  This is so because he was unable to see the other side of the other person at a distance, he now decides NOT to see the other side.

Capacity to see the defects of the other as a reflection of one's own inner defects gives this strength NOT to see the defects of the other.  Therefore Romance Survives.  One who has the spiritual ability NOT  to see the other's defects or sees it as a reflection of one's own inner status can eternally retain that view.  In that case eternal Romance is born.  In cases that view exists eternally, it is seen as excellent good manners of  gentlemanly GOODWILL.  That yields domestic joy untinged by the grudging inner complaint or reservation.  Should there be purity of  inner sincerity and this view of inner - outer correspondence, the result is eternal felicity issuing from the inner spiritual knowledge that the other, the other alone, is one's true spiritual complement.


Para No.1, Line No. 3,

Para No.1, Line No. 3, inescapable - incapable 

story | by Dr. Radut